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What are the top ten breakup resorts in Nanjing? Why are these 10 places called breakup resorts?

Recently, netizens revealed that the top ten places for lovers to break up in Nanjing: Xinjiekou, Zhongshan Gate, 1912 bar street, etc. were all on the list. Break up or ten resorts? These are all romantic places! The netizens who saw the "black line" guessed that "it must be some" single dog "works of extreme boredom, deliberately to stir up the situation! 'so, what are the top ten places for lovers to break up in Nanjing?

1. Xinjiekou

Nanjing people all know that it's a place where beauties gather. The big square and the crowd make it the best place to break up. Can disappear in the flow of people immediately, when the other party regrets it has disappeared without a trace & hellip; & hellip;

2. Zhongshan Gate

The terrain inside and outside the gate is quite different. If you meet a fierce opponent, you can go to the Zhongshan Mausoleum scenic area to hide, or you can go to Nanhang to hide in the vast sea of people.

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Where are the bars? Right! That's why. The biggest advantage of breaking up here lies in the business district. If you communicate with a foreign mm, it will become a free resort for you. Because there are too many bars here, you can find a bar to hide. Where can she find you?

4. Hunan Road

There are many shopping malls in Hunan Road area. If you are kind and don't want to hurt each other, it will be an excellent place to run all the way and then make a breakup call. The problem will be solved completely. There are so many people in the mall that you don't need to worry about each other's life and death. Put your heart in your stomach. Heroes and heroines are very dense at this time.

5. Matai Street

Breaking up must kill resort, whether it's geographical distribution or dense flow of people, makes it like a dream to say breaking up here. But often the most advantageous location is always a burden. Because the other party may call the police because they can't find you quickly. By then you said it would not be so easy to break up. This site is recommended for lovers.

6. Xianlin University Town

Located in the eastern suburb of Nanjing City, there are many local universities. If you are a romantic person, this is the end of your romance. Take TA to Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Normal University. There are many barren mountains and dense weeds on the way. Take out the running results of the middle school entrance examination, and you can solve the problem of breaking up.

The advantage of breaking up here is that college students are kindhearted. Maybe you have made another marriage. The disadvantage is that NTU is relatively large. Be careful not to throw yourself out and call the other side.

7. Xuanwu Lake Park

You can say the unclean words in the picturesque scenery. In this green environment, the other party will not lose his temper immediately & hellip; & hellip;

8. Jinqiao and Yuqiao

This is the distribution center of small commodities in Nanjing. First, give each other some cheap accessories, and then take them to the drink shop to talk. This place is suitable for the experts who are good at talking and emotional deception. With the speed of tears, they can tell some lies that will continue to contact later, so that each other can collect the gifts just sent and let the other live happily.

9. Nanjing station

The key is that the flow of people here is quite miscellaneous. All kinds of people carrying large bags are the comrades in arms who cover you.

10. Metro station of line 1

Break up fast, the effect is obvious.