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Do you know how many of Hanzhong's top 8 scenic spots are worth visiting?

Hanzhong is an ancient city, full of thick historical and cultural atmosphere everywhere, with beautiful natural ecological environment, it has become a resort in the eyes of many tourists. So, which places are suitable for tourism in Hanzhong? What are the most worthy places to visit in Hanzhong?

1. Hanzhong Shimen Zhandao scenic spot

In Hanzhong stone gate plank road scenic area, the stone gate plank road here has a very long history in fact. It should have been built in the local area since the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period. However, the later stage was destroyed due to the destruction of nature, and the plank road seen now is actually built in the later stage.

2. Hanzhong lavender manor

There is a large area of lavender planting here. When it comes to full bloom, there are always many tourists specially coming here to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Even many tourists specially come to take wedding photos. The surrounding countryside is full of flavor, the air is very fresh, and there are many different flowers, such as roses, lilies, etc.

3. Wuhou Temple

This Wuhou Temple should have been built in the Three Kingdoms period at the earliest. The whole Wuhou Temple is usually quiet and peaceful, and there are not too many tourists here to visit. However, the ancient buildings are well preserved up to now. After the construction of different dynasties, it integrates many architectural styles of different periods, so it is worth visiting.

4. Huayang ancient town

This ancient town is a quiet and peaceful ancient place. This ancient town should be built in the Han and Tang Dynasties. It is also a famous ancient road post station in ancient times. Up to now, the ancient buildings on the ancient town have been well preserved. There are also some ancient pawnshops, restaurants, teahouses, etc., which are very ancient and fragrant.

5. Ancient Hantai

Ancient Hantai is also the Museum of Hanzhong. The whole building of the museum is actually an ancient historical site. It is said that it was once the royal residence of Liu Bang during the Han Dynasty, especially the Wangjiang building, which can be said to be the most iconic building in Hanzhong. There are a large number of Cliff carvings, many precious biological fossils and various precious cultural relics unearthed in the museum.

6. Million mu rape flower field

Rape flower field is the best time to visit this scenic spot from March to April every year. At this time, the local rape flowers are blooming at the same time, full of golden yellow, quite spectacular. It is a very attractive scenic line, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to come here to enjoy the rape flower sea.

7. Ancient town of Qingmuchuan

Qingmuchuan ancient town is a very simple Town, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. The whole ancient town has a long history of buildings, which are integrated with the characteristics of ethnic minorities. It is said that it was very prosperous in the Ming Dynasty, and now it can vaguely feel the ancient flavor and prosperous scene of the ancient town.

8. Wulongdong National Forest Park

Wulongdong National Forest Park is a place with beautiful natural environment and a lot of primitive forest features. It's very good to come here in spring and summer for tourism and vacation. The whole scenic area contains many different scenic spots, especially the karst cave group, and a variety of stalagmites with different shapes. It's amazing.