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Where is the best place to see the rape flowers in Hanzhong? Notes on enjoying cauliflower in Hanzho

There are many rape flowers planted in Hanzhong, especially in spring. And the surrounding green mountains and waters set off each other, forming a beautiful landscape. Hanzhong's rape flowers generally open from the end of February, and will last until the first ten days of May. The time is about two months. However, if the temperature is different in different years, the flowering will occur sooner or later. So, what is the best viewing place for Hanzhong rape flower? What should be paid attention to in Hanzhong?

This year, the time to enjoy the rape flowers in Hanzhong is from the middle and late of March to the middle of April. At this time, the rape flowers have basically bloomed. At this time, the flowers are in full bloom, which can be said to be a good time for sightseeing.

Viewing place of rape flowers in Hanzhong

There are many places to enjoy the rape flowers in Hanzhong, such as Hantai District, Nanzheng County, Yangxian county and Chenggu County. Among them, Nanzheng is a county town in Hanzhong, about 15 kilometers away from Hanzhong. There is a big Han mountain here. On the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the rape flowers. On the top of the mountain, you can overlook the rape flowers in the distance. Especially after entering the hilly area in Nanzheng County, the rape fields will be scattered, and the scene is very charming.

Notes on rape flower in Hanzhong

Hanzhong is a subtropical humid climate. The climate is relatively humid. So when you come to Hanzhong, you must prepare rain gear. It is recommended that tourists wear comfortable clothes. When wearing shoes, try to choose flat and slip resistant shoes, prepare some commonly used antipyretics, cold medicines, band aids and other drugs. In addition, bring some moisturizing water and sunscreen Cosmetics. So we can come to Hanzhong to enjoy the rape flowers.