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Where can I go for parent-child tourism? What are the suitable places for parent-child travel in Chi

Now people's living standards are constantly improving. Some parents will take their children out to 'travel' as soon as they have time. The interaction between parents and children is not usually reflected by the precious gifts given to children. In the eyes of children, the precious gifts are not as happy as you take them out to play. It is necessary to implement the annual parent-child travel plan. So, where is the best place for parent-child tourism? What are the suitable places for parent-child tourism in China?


Dalian is one of the cities where many parents will bring their children. It is a beautiful and rich seaside city. Dalian is a city built in a garden, with square, green land and fountains all over the city. It has good greening and clean streets. The golden sand beach and blue sea are not rare. During the day, Russian style streets turn around, and it is found that the Kingdom indulges in playing and goes to the sea when it is dark The fresh restaurant is full of delicious food, or you can walk along the seaside and enjoy the sea breeze!


The pace of life in Chengdu is slow, and it is also a very popular tourist city. Bringing children here is bound to see our cute 'national treasure'. The cool broad and narrow lanes in the morning and the bustling Jinli in the night are all scenery that can't be missed. Of course, it's also an important part to have a big meal, such as Dandan noodles, longzhushou, spicy tofu, Lai Tangyuan and hot pot.


When it comes to parent-child travel, you can't get around Guangzhou. It's a pleasant climate, convenient transportation and Chimelong holiday world that our babies are thinking about. It's the location of the first season of "where is Dad going". Catch up with the children's day's Jiegu eye to have a 'grass pulling trip', the children realized their dream, and the 'older children' also took the opportunity to find childlike and beautiful. In my spare time, Guangzhou tower, Shamian, Yuexiu Park, these landmarks, play a 'card', take cute children to watch carefully and turn around leisurely. Every moment is a precious memory.


Xishuangbanna, the "hot land without winter", is one of the scenes of "where is Dad 3". Large areas of tropical rainforest, various fruits, and small animals & hellip;. Across the screen, Xishuangbanna's beauty is already intoxicating. If you really step on this magical land, you will not be disappointed in the sight. Menglun botanical garden is close to nature, wild elephant valley is close to elephants, and it is a rare experience to experience the purest Dai customs in the Dai garden.