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What are the ten special snacks in Hangzhou? Ten special snacks in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a very popular tourist city. The scenery is good. Together with Suzhou, it is called "Suzhou Hangzhou". The variety of Hangzhou special snacks is amazing. When you come to Hangzhou, you must eat Hangzhou special snacks? So what do Hangzhou's special snacks eat?

No1 Hangzhou cat ears

Cat's ear is a famous snack in Hangzhou. It's a kind of pasta. The face flap is small and exquisite, and the shape is like the cat's ear, so it's named cat's ear. Cat's ears are made of white flour, chicken, ham, mushrooms, scallops and other seasonings. They are very similar to macaroni. The soup tastes delicious and many people like it.

No2 pastry

The butter cake is one of the famous specialties in Hangzhou. The butter cake is made of superior white flour and sugar, and then fried. When eating, the sugar powder is combined with the crispness of the pastry. It is crisp and delicious, with a unique flavor. Hangzhou butter cake is golden in color, with a round top and a round bottom. It is like a hill. It is crisp but not broken. It is not greasy but oily. It has a sweet taste and has been liked by everyone. It has a history of 2300 years.

No3 juniper wrapped with Scallion

Many people may not be familiar with Cong Bao Conger. It's a traditional Hangzhou snack. Congbao stew with scallion is made of superior white flour. It's made into spring roll skin, then wrapped with oil sticks and shallots. After spreading it out, it's fried in an oil pan. When it's golden, it's OK. This snack has Jiangnan characteristics and strong fragrance. It's better to dip it in hot sauce or sweet sauce when eating. It's one of Hangzhou's favorite snacks.

No4 Sichuan noodles

Pianerchuan noodles is a snack launched by Kuiyuan Pavilion, a time-honored brand in Hangzhou. It is quite famous in Hangzhou. It's a noodle snack. Kuiyuan restaurant is a century old shop. Pianerchuan noodles is one of the most popular snacks. It uses specially made noodles with delicious taste. Pork slices, bamboo shoots and other ingredients are added. It tastes smooth and delicious. The price of pianerchuan noodles is not expensive. It is one of the most favorite daily food of Hangzhou people.

No5 Dingsheng cake

Dingsheng cake is made of Japonica Rice and glutinous rice. It is one of Hangzhou's special snacks with high nutritional value. It is often regarded as a good product for health care or postoperative conditioning. Dingsheng cake is made by steaming rice flour and glutinous rice flour with red bean paste. The cake tastes soft, pink, sweet and glutinous. It also has a light sweet taste and the smell of bean paste. Many people like to eat it.

No6 king of mahjong

Ma Qiu Wang is a local snack in Hangzhou. It is fried with glutinous rice flour and sugar powder. The color of Ma Qiu is golden. Sesame is wrapped outside. The skin is thin and transparent. It tastes crispy and sweet. It's said that there's something to pay attention to when eating hemp balls. It's to break the skin first and let the heat out. Otherwise, you may burn your mouth if you take a bite. The hemp balls are sweet and glutinous with glutinous rice. It's light sweet, oil but not greasy, and the price is affordable.

No7 Hangzhou Xiaolong

Hangzhou small cage is actually Hangzhou small cage bag. It uses flour as the skin, fat and thin pork or shrimp as the filling. The filling is added with jelly, and then it is steamed in the steamer. Generally, there are about 10 pieces in each cage. The characteristics of small cage bag are thin skin, juicy, delicious and smooth. The face of small cage must be thin, otherwise the steamed bun will not be that taste Yes.

No8 happy double

Happy double is usually a breakfast Hangzhou people like to eat, quite traditional flavor. Happy double is made from zhiweiguan. This shop is also a time-honored brand in Hangzhou. It has a history of more than 80 years. It is not only famous, but also has a good reputation. Happy double is generally sold in one pair, so it is named happy double. Xingfu double is made of flour, which is wrapped with bean paste or dried fruit. It can be steamed. It's easy to make, but it's delicious.

No9 Crispy Chicken

Crispy chicken is still a very common food in Hangzhou. Many restaurants will supply it. Because the shape of the pastry is the shape of chicken, it is named crispy chicken. The chicken cake is made of refined flour with salad oil and bean paste. It is baked in the oven with the stuffing on the skin. The chicken cake has a lovely appearance and many foreigners will be attracted by its appearance. The chicken cake is a very delicate snack with soft outside and sweet inside.

No10 West Lake Lotus Root Powder

West lake lotus root powder is a famous specialty snack in Hangzhou, with unique flavor and high nutritional value. West lake lotus root powder is a well-known brand in lotus root powder. Lotus root is a very healthy food. It is processed into lotus root powder. It is ruddy, delicate and sticky, and easy to digest. At the same time, it has a good effect of appetizing and nourishing lungs, nourishing yin and blood. Lotus root powder is easy to eat. It can be washed with boiled water. It has a clear and sweet taste and is suitable for people of all ages.

The above is the list of Hangzhou's top ten featured snacks. Hangzhou people like to eat, and they have unique views on eating. The food is diverse and distinctive. These are the most popular Hangzhou snacks. Which one do you like?