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Which places are suitable for Xi'an self driving tour? List of scenic spots around Xi'an

Now many families have cars, and many people's way of traveling has been upgraded to self driving tour. Basically, when a family travels, they will choose self driving, which is convenient and free. No matter what self driving tour is, they must choose a good destination. So, which places around Xi'an are suitable for self driving tour?

Hongjiannao Lake

Hongjiannao is the largest desert freshwater lake in China. It is also known as "Zhaojun's tears". So far, the story of Wang Zhaojun marrying the Huns has spread. Hongjiannao has not only the scenery of the water town and the grassland in the south, but also the wild grassland. There are more than 200000 relict gulls breeding and perching here, as well as various rare animals.

Cuihua Moutain

It's said that Cuihua Mountain, where immortal Taiyi once cultivated, is bound to be a fairyland. Among them, 'longyiqiu', located in Tianchi scenic area, is the most important. Surrounded by mountains, there is a clear water, which is as clear as a mirror, so it is named 'Tianchi'. The scenic area is very large and can't enjoy the whole day. Many people choose to camp at the top of the mountain.

Zhongnan Mountain

Zhongnan mountain is a holy place for the mainstream Quanzhen School of Taoism to carry forward. It is also famous for Jin Yong's saying "under the Zhongnan mountain, the tomb of the living dead, the carved heroes, and the extinct Jianghu". There are cliff peaks, Boulder caves, barrier lakes and other landslides, as well as Chongyang palace, Tomb of the living dead, ancient temple of Mituo, Xilin temple, Shengshou temple and other ancient temples and historic sites. The mountain top is surrounded by clouds and sea, adding to the air and mystery.

Taiping National Forest Park

The vigorous old Larch virgin forest, the red birch pure forest, and the rare deep mountain waterfall in the vast northwest area of the forest. The highest rainbow waterfall has a maximum drop of more than 160 meters. The water is flowing through the sky, the fog is full of valley, and the flow is down 3000 feet. There is no silver river, but there are seven colors of flying rainbow. The air is fresh and humid, which is a summer resort. In early spring, there are thousands of acres of Bauhinia flowers, which are extremely romantic.

South five stations

Nanwutai is located in the Zhongnan mountain. From the bottom of the mountain, five peaks are arranged like a penholder. They stand upright. The mountains are heavy and the waters are complex. The dangerous peaks are beautiful and the rocks are endless. Standing on the best Guanyin platform, you can enjoy the night view of Chang'an and overlook the land of Guanzhong.

Which places around Xi'an are suitable for self driving tours? These places are all suitable. They are basically near Xi'an. On weekends, you can take a family for a self driving tour. It's also good to walk around and stop to see the scenery.