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What are the more interesting scenic spots in Guilin? Lijiang River is just the tip of the iceberg

As one of the earliest tourist cities, Guilin has numerous interesting scenic spots, of course. The most famous Lijiang River, the West Street with a history of more than 1400 years, the night view of two rivers and four lakes on the sightseeing boat at night, and the large-scale terrace group Longji terrace in Guilin area. These are some representative scenic spots. So, what are the more interesting scenic spots in Guilin?

Lijiang River

As a child, the famous saying that Guilin landscape is the best in the world as seen in our textbooks refers to the scenic spot of Lijiang River. The mountains on both sides of Lijiang River are tall and straight with thousands of forms, which is the essence of Guilin scenery. The most representative landscapes in the whole process are jiuma painting mountain and yellow cloth reflection. The back of the new version of RMB 20 refers to the yellow cloth reflection. Generally, the main ways to visit the Lijiang River are by boat, bamboo raft and hiking. Among them, there are three ways to visit the Lijiang River by boat: the Essence Tour (Guilin Yangshuo), the upstream of Yangshuo water and the upstream of urban water (Guilin urban area).

West St

Every popular tourist place must meet the needs of a snack street. This old street in Guilin exists like this. The buildings along the street still have the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in northern Guangxi, such as small green tiles, sloping roofs, white powder walls and hanging balconies. The most famous bars, restaurants and coffee shops here are of different styles. They are popular in the daytime and at night. They are the places to visit in Yangshuo. West Street is also the most densely populated street for foreigners in China. This street is full of surprising international elements. For example, the decoration style of the small shops along the street here is mostly Chinese and western, and the design is quite creative. It has both the simple style of the town and the exotic romantic charm.

Two rivers and four lakes

During the day and at night, two rivers and four lakes are one of the most suitable places for night view of rivers and lakes. The two rivers and four lakes include Lijiang River, Taohua River, Shanhu lake, Ronghu lake, Guihu Lake and Mulong Lake in the central area of Guilin. They are the most beautiful scenic belt around the city and the scenic card of Guilin. Taking a cruise is the main way to visit two rivers and four lakes, especially in the evening. You can enjoy the night view of Guilin from many angles.

Longji terrace

Terraces are often seen in rural areas. However, because there are many terraces in this area, and they are all built together, a large-scale terraced field group has been formed in Guilin. There are also several ancient villages of ethnic minorities living in Zhuang and Yao ethnic groups. Come to Longji terrace, mainly for hiking and taking photos. You can also taste local farm food and experience ethnic customs. In addition, the sunrise of Longji terrace is very beautiful and worth seeing. Ping'an Zhuang terraces: the classic rural scenery painting tour Longji terraces. Ping'an Village is the most classic place. The tourism development here is earlier, and the facilities for eating, drinking and playing are more complete. Terraces are mostly composed of small fields, the largest of which is not more than one mu, and the scenery is quiet and smart.