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What are the interesting spots in Lianyungang? Huaguoshan is only one of them

Lianyungang is also a famous tourist city. At the same time, when it comes to Lianyungang's interesting places, many people may blurt out Huaguo Mountain, which is indeed one of the most famous scenic spots in Lianyungang. Many people are bound to visit Lianyungang for tourism. In fact, there are other scenic spots worth playing besides Huaguo. So, what are the more interesting attractions in Lianyungang?

1. Huaguoshan

Huaguo Mountain is one of Lianyungang's tourist business cards and the hometown of Monkey King. You must go to see the place where the great sage grows. Here, you can climb the mountain, see the water curtain cave, Sanyuan palace and other related scenic spots. If you are lucky, you can meet the naughty and lively wild monkeys on the mountain. Anyway, Huaguo Mountain is the place you must go on your trip to Lianyungang. There is no one!

2. Liandao

Liandao, as the largest island in Jiangsu Province, is a good place to get close to the sea in Lianyungang! There is a natural high-quality bathing beach and a comprehensive and interesting dashawan amusement park, in which green mountains, green sea, lush forests and strange stones are integrated, which is very beautiful. Liandao is not only a good place for parents and children to play, but also a good place for urban people who are tired of the noise and vulgar desire of the city to relax.

3. Yuwan

Yuwan, famous for its spring water, may not be as famous as Huaguoshan, but it still has a special charm after careful observation. If waterfalls, cliffs and strange rocks are the standard match of the fishing Bay, then the spring water waterfall in the mountains is the magic stroke of the scenic area, which makes people feel like a fairyland. The biggest feature of the fishing Bay scenic area is that you can climb mountains and play with water all the way, which is enjoyable.

4. Taohuajian

Taohuajian is the largest and longest mountain stream in Jinping Mountain. The beautiful scenery of "peach blossom on both sides of the river sandwiched with Gujin" reappears in the world. Ma'er peak flows back thousands of times and integrates the torrential stream. It passes through the tall and straight trees on the mountain. Together with the exposed mountain stone bones, it forms a Chinese painting with great flavor. There are Zizhu temple, Caiyun inkstone and other sites on the northeast side of Taohua stream, as well as many ancient stone inscriptions, which are full of mystery.

5. Yuntai Mountain on the sea

Yuntai Mountain on the sea is the legendary fairy mountain in the East China Sea - Yingzhou. It consists of 58 peaks, such as Yunshan, Weiping mountain, Shijian mountain, lvduan mountain and Sucheng mountain. Compared with the inland mountains, Yuntai Mountain on the sea is unique in that the beautiful Yellow Sea can be seen when walking on the plank road on the mountain.

Whether the above recommended scenic spots meet the demand? It's a good scenic spot in Lianyungang. Besides flowers and fruits, it's also good to spend some time in other scenic spots.