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Where is Qingdao better to play in the evening? What's worth your punch in?

Qingdao is also a hot tourist city. Many tourists come to Qingdao every year. So, where is Qingdao fun at night? What's worth your punch in?

54 square

May 4th Square is not very beautiful in the daytime, but in the evening, the night view is very good, especially the landmark sculpture "may wind" on the square. At night, it looks very good under the light. In summer, you can enjoy the sea view, and look at the lighthouse opposite the Bay and the sailing boats parked in the Olympic Sailing Center. The sea sunset here is also very beautiful.

Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park

Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park has launched an activity of "staying in the polar area at night, sleeping with fish and me". It's very suitable to play in the evening, that is, to let tourists enter the mysterious ocean night, to see whether penguins are sleeping standing or lying on their stomach, to explore the breeding process of jellyfish under the guidance of marine experts, and to observe the state of rare polar animals such as polar bears and belugas at night. At the same time, in the night camp in the subsea tunnel, 60 tents' scramble 'for registration, which is popular and sought after by tourists.

Wanda paradise

It's nice to come here to find something exciting, and it hasn't been a long time since the opening of the park. There are the world's first indoor custom hanging roller coaster 'Laoshan flying dragon', the world's first indoor vertical falling torrent 'Eight Immortals crossing the sea', and the most screaming 'riding the wind and breaking the waves' and other mechanical equipment, which don't leave until 10 p.m., which has also become a hot item for everyone to wait in line Order.

Fante dream kingdom

The night colorful light show of Fangte dream kingdom can't be too beautiful. This must not be missed. The fairy tale castle turns into a rainbow at night. The colorful performance activities enrich the content of tourists' night tour, attract tourists to take photos one after another, and experience the dream and romance of fairy tale castle.

In fact, you can also take the "red night view line" bus to watch the night view of the whole Qingdao in the evening. This line can not only take the bus to watch while walking, but also get off the bus to play after arriving at the station to enjoy the fun of light and shadow interaction.