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Is the cherry blossom in Pingba cherry farm blooming? Which area does Pingba cherry belong to?

Many people say that many people in Guizhou think of famous scenic spots such as Huangguoshu waterfall and Fanjing Mountain, but you certainly don't know that there is a 'world's most' cherry base hidden in Guizhou, which is called 'the most beautiful cherry garden on the blue planet' by foreign media. It's absolutely not inferior to Japan to see cherry blossom here. This place is Pingba cherry farm. So, has Pingba cherry blossom opened?

Now the cherry blossom in Pingba has gradually opened up, and it will enter the viewing period soon. The cherry blossom in Pingba farm is divided into early and late ones. The flowering period will last about one month. The early one is white cherry blossom, the flowering period is about ten days, and the red one is late cherry blossom. The flowers bloom at the end of March every year, and last until the beginning of April. The flowering period is about two weeks. The best time for Pingba Cherry Blossom farm is in the middle of March. I want to go Don't miss your friend.

Pingba cherry farm has planted nearly 700000 precious cherry trees, covering an area of more than 24000 mu, which can be called as the largest area and density. Moreover, the most important thing is that the cherry trees here are free to watch, without any tickets. Few tourists know about this place. Basically, only I know about it. Last year, a group of photos of Huahai airlines in Southwest China released by BBC surprised many websites Friend, it's known that there are places in China where cherry blossom is not inferior to that in Japan.

Pingba cherry farm is located in Pingba County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province. My friend who wants to go remembers that he will arrive in March as promised.