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When does Jinggangshan Rhododendron bloom? How long does azalea bloom

When it comes to Jinggangshan, you should be familiar with it. Jinggangshan is a famous red tourist attraction in China. When it comes to Jinggangshan, many people think of "the cradle of Chinese revolution". They come here to visit the revolutionary relics. Besides the revolutionary relics, the azaleas here are also unique. Many tourists come to Jinggangshan for azaleas full of fields. So, when does Jinggangshan Rhododendron bloom?

When does the Rhododendron bloom in Jinggangshan

Jinggangshan's natural air ducts are very beautiful. Tourists divide this scenic spot into 'Red' and 'green' tours. Red is to understand the history, look at the relics, and green is to watch the natural air ducts. Especially when azaleas bloom in April and may, Jinggangshan is more charming. Moreover, there are many azaleas unique to Jinggangshan, and the flowering period generally lasts from mid April to June In the middle of the month, the viewing period is not long.

Jinggangshan Rhododendron Festival

Every year when the azalea blooms, Jinggangshan will hold the azalea Festival. Last year, the azalea festival was held in Ciping, Jinggangshan from April 15 to May 15. It is expected that the time of this year will be about the same. At present, there is no clear official news. Friends who want to know can pay attention to the official news at the end of March. The best viewing spot of Jinggangshan is Bijia mountain, with various colors Rhododendron blooms along both sides of Bijia mountain ridge, forming a beautiful 'ten Li Rhododendron corridor' between the high cliffs.

There is a saying that "April Rhododendron is the most popular in the world, but Jinggangshan". It's very suitable to go to Jinggangshan in April to see the red Rhododendron. Every year, many film friends come here to make large films.