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If you want to go back to your heart, you can go to Qingdao tea mountain scenic spot

Now many people's life and work pressure are becoming very big, at this time, it needs to be relieved. Generally, people will choose this way of travel, so that we can not only see the scenery along the way, but also find the most authentic self, so that we can avoid losing ourselves on the way forward. So, what are these attractions?

This scenic spot is the tea mountain scenic spot in Qingdao. Chashan scenic area is located 320 kilometers north of Pingdu City, with the highest altitude of only 560 meters. It is a national 4A level scenic area. The scenery in it is fresh, comfortable and hopeful. The theme of tea mountain is rock, flower, spring and temple. Because it's the tea mountain scenic spot. Naturally, tea is the most important element. There are all kinds of things about tea culture. Tea trees are planted in a very prosperous way, which has even become a wonder in the world.

Tourists can pick and soak their own tea here, and then drink their own tea, which is really enjoyable. Of course, in addition to tea, the landmark scenic spot, there are many other very distinctive scenic spots. The whole tea mountain scenic area can be divided into three major tourist areas, namely, the welcome scenic area, the Buddhist cultural area and the natural scenic area. The natural scenic area is also called the field expansion area. Each different scenic spot has its own unique features. Let's give you a specific introduction of the three scenic spots.

The first is to welcome the scenic spot. The main landscape of the scenic spot is the cultural landscape. The main scenic spots of the scenic spot are water park, tea mountain square, Guangong temple and so on. And the Buddhist culture area is of course the place to publicize the Buddhist culture. There are many temples in this area, such as the Prajna temple. Comparatively speaking, there are more scenic spots in the natural scenery area, such as Qiansi Waterfall Scenic Spot and various natural pictographic stone landscapes.

If you walk all the way along the mountain path, you can see a teapot on the top of a mountain. The teapot is suspended in the air obliquely. The water in the teapot flows out continuously, moistens the stone wall on the mountain, flows down the stone wall, splashes on the ground from time to time, and finally integrates into a pool 。

Well, that's the introduction of the tea mountain scenic spot. If you like it, you can have a walk in tour as soon as possible.