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When does Fujiyama Cherry Blossom open? When is the best time to travel?

Fuji Mountain in Japan is famous all over the world, and it is an important symbol of Japan. Basically, when you travel to Japan, you have to visit Fuji mountain. Otherwise, you have to go to Japan in vain, which is called the first peak in Japan. The top of the mountain is covered by white school. If you want to feel the natural wind and scenery of Fuji mountain, you need to know when is the best time to visit Fuji mountain? It's cherry blossom season soon. When will cherry blossom bloom in Fujiyama, Japan?

When does Fujiyama Cherry Blossom open

Mount Fuji has always been a popular tourist attraction. It's a must see to Japan. Mount Fuji, which wants to take photos against the cherry blossom, will go there in mid April. It's a typical mountain area with climate. The temperature is slightly lower than that in Tokyo, so the blooming period of Cherry Blossom will be later than that in Tokyo. You want to enjoy the yingzi of Mount Fuji, Hekou Lake 1 Belt is the best place. When it comes to cherry blossom period, tourists from all over the world come in droves to see the magnificent scenery of Fuji Mountain under the decoration of cherry blossom. When is the best time to travel to Mount Fuji?

When is the best time to go to Mount Fuji

Generally, the best time to go to Mt. Fuji is from the middle of September to the middle of October. At this time, the snow begins to cover the top of Mt. Fuji. Generally, it will not melt until June of the next year. July and August are the best months to climb Mt. Fuji. Strictly speaking, July is the best month. In other seasons, the mountain will be closed. In August, there will be more typhoons. Friends who want to climb the mountain are best in July It's quite suitable. Besides Mount Fuji itself, the scenery around the foot of the mountain is also very good. For example, cherry blossom is also very beautiful in spring.

The above gives you some travel problems related to Mount Fuji. If you want to climb Mount Fuji, it's more appropriate to go there in July. If you want to see cherry blossom, you can go there in mid April. Mount Fuji in these two periods is very beautiful.