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Is Zhuhai Haiquanwan fun? Which district is Zhuhai Haiquanwan located in?

Speaking of Zhuhai, you should have heard about this place, and Haiquanwan is very famous in Zhuhai. Haiquanwan is a large-scale entertainment center mainly for entertainment and leisure. Its tourist resort and ocean hot spring are its most popular tourist sites. Is Zhuhai Haiquanwan fun? Where is Zhuhai Haiquanwan located?

Zhuhai Haiquanwan is located in Gaolan Port Area in the west of Zhuhai. Although it is not as popular as Chimelong resort, it will not differ too much. At the same time, it is a rare high-quality undersea hot spring. Haiquanwan resort is the first national tourism and leisure demonstration area awarded by the National Tourism Administration. Haiquanwan resort takes the rare ocean hot spring as the core. Adjacent to the sea, ocean hot spring is composed of two regions, indoor and outdoor. It gathers more than 80 kinds of hot spring pools of various styles in the world, and gathers the essence of the world hot spring culture, including the Royal Palace bath in Turkey, Fenglu in Japan, guloma bath, dead sea salt bath, Huaqing pool in Tanggong, etc., plus more than 10 kinds of unique dry springs with foreign characteristics in China Wet sauna facilities, so that you do not go abroad, one-stop enjoy the world's hot spring culture.

Is Zhuhai Haiquanwan fun

Zhuhai Haiquanwan is very suitable for family outing or parent-child outing. People can't have a good time here in a day, which makes people happy. At the same time, it's really a very good place. The ocean hot spring is unique. Friends who have not experienced ocean hot spring recommend you to try it. The main body of the hot spring is outside, and it's just on the beach. Enjoy the ocean ore bath, undersea Mud Massage, ocean hot spring egg cooking, Turkish fish pool massage (let the little Turkish fish peck the dead skin for you) and other special projects here. There are other amusement items in the whole Haiquanwan. You can search its special website on the Internet to see the situation. It's definitely a good place to relax and take a vacation.

The question about Zhuhai Haiquanwan is introduced here for my friends. If you have a little friend to visit Zhuhai, you must visit here. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.