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How about going to Qingdao in March? What are the suitable places to visit in Qingdao in March?

March is a warm spring season, and the climate around the country is slowly warming up. Many people like to travel in the spring filled March, which is a very good time, so where to play in Qingdao in March? Which places are suitable to visit in Qingdao in March?

1. Lingshan Island

Choose a sunny time to come here, you will be attracted by your island scenery. The air on the island is very pure. There is a primitive island scenery and fisherman's style here. You can experience sea fishing, taste seafood, watch the starry sky, and let you have a rest holiday. It is said that the starry sky here is very beautiful. It is recommended to stay on the island for one night and come here for astronomy There are not a few fans.

2. Laoshan

Laoshan is a very famous natural scenic spot in Qingdao. It is a national 5A level scenic spot with the reputation of "the first famous mountain on the sea". Laoshan is a magnificent, spectacular and beautiful Taoist mountain. Taoist temple, sunrise and cloud sea are also very famous. Laoshan Scenic Spot is very large, with many large and small scenic spots. The most classic way of playing is Yangkou + Taiqing palace. There are mountains, seas and Taoist culture The characteristics of Laoshan are basically covered.

3. Badaguan

Badaguan is a very exotic place. It's a good place to take a walk. It's also a great place to take photos. It's made up of more than ten roads. Different kinds of trees are planted on both sides of the road. You can see the beautiful scenery all the year round. Spring is the time to see green peach. You can walk here in March. There are many villas with different styles from different countries. You can join them at will Look at these buildings.

4. Trestle

The trestle is a sign of Qingdao. This place is sure to walk around. It's a 440 meter long sea corridor. In March, the sea wind may be cold. It's better to wear more. Walking on the trestle corridor, you can also see the picture of seagulls flying freely. In summer, there are a lot of swimmers here. In March, it's a little cold, so it's not suitable for swimming in the sea.

I'd like to introduce these to you as to where to play in Qingdao in March. March is not the peak season of tourism, and it's still a bit cold, so it's not a good time to travel. You can choose April. The weather is very suitable.