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Is peach blossom blooming in Longquanyi District of Chengdu? When is the best time to enjoy peach bl

The curtain has been opened in March, and many scenic spots have entered the best viewing period. Recently, many people have begun to pay attention to the relevant information of peach blossom in Longquanyi District, Chengdu. Do they want to know whether peach blossom has opened in Longquanyi District, Chengdu? How long does peach blossom open in Longquanyi?

Is peach blossom blooming in Longquanyi District of Chengdu

At present, many people are paying attention to the opening time of peach blossom in Longquanyi. In March, many people want to enjoy the peach blossom. As far as the temperature is concerned, a small number of peach blossoms have been opened sporadically, but they are not in the blooming period. The friends who want to watch can wait. When they are in the blooming period, the peach blossom all over the mountains will be shocked. It is an open scenic spot, So no tickets are needed.

How long does peach blossom bloom in Longquanyi

In general, the best viewing period of peach blossom in Longquanyi is in the middle and last ten days of March. Due to the influence of temperature, the flowering period also fluctuates. You can pay more attention to the microblog news of the scenic spot. Generally, the passenger flow is large during the flowering period. Try to avoid going to the scenic spot on weekends. The environment of the scenic spot is pretty good. It's also very pleasant to walk on the sidewalk. There are many farmhouses to rest Rest.

I've told you how long the peach blossom blooms in Longquanyi. You can enjoy it in late March, and there will be Peach Blossom Festival here. You can pay attention to the time.