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Wuyuan all in one card price? Which scenic spots can I see for free?

When it comes to rape flowers, we have to say Wuyuan, the most beautiful village, is one of the four largest rape flowers in China. Wuyuan ten thousand mu terrace rape flower sea, combined with the local hilly landform, high and low ups and downs, mountains and peaks, terraces from the mountain to the foot of the mountain, the sense of hierarchy is very strong. At the same time, peach, pear, cherry and other flowers open at the same time, and rape flowers form a 'golden mountain, silver sea, rouge cloud' dream landscape, which is highly praised by photography lovers, and is one of the places to go in spring. We all know that there are preferential policies in every place. So, how much is Wuyuan one card? Which scenic spots can I see for free?


In the past years, the opening time of rape flowers in Wuyuan was from the first ten days of March to the first ten days of April every year, which generally lasted until around Qingming. Therefore, we can enjoy flowers on the first weekend of March. It is worth noting that the flowering period depends on the weather, which is different every year. We need to pay more attention to online news.

Wuyuan all in one card

Wuyuan & lsquo; all in one card & rsquo; is valid for 5 days. Tourists can freely visit ten local scenic spots, such as Jiangwan, Likeng, Xiaoqi, Jiangling, sixiyan village, Wengong mountain, etc.

It is reported that the card costs 210 yuan / person, which can save more than 400 yuan compared with the single ticket (most scenic spots cost about 60 yuan). At the same time, we should pay attention to: at least 60 and a half years old, 70 years old free.

The pass includes 14 scenic spots: Li Keng, Jiangwan, Wangkou, Wolong Valley, Jiangling, Lingyan scenic spot, Baizhu ancestral hall, sixiyan village, Yantian ancient camphor, Wengong mountain, Shicheng, rainbow bridge, Xiaoqi, Yuanyang Lake

weather condition

In Wuyuan from March to April, the weather gradually warms up, the temperature is about 8-20 ℃, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, with a medium thick coat to keep warm. In case of light rain, Wuyuan is more worth seeing!