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To visit Lijiang, you must see it! Naxi taboo in Lijiang

Lijiang has become a tourist attraction. Many people know Lijiang, and many people have come to Lijiang. Lijiang has the largest population of Naxi people, but 80% of them don't know these mysterious customs of Naxi? So, what are the Naxi customs in Lijiang?

Fat for beauty

Naxi people call women fat golden sisters and men fat golden elder brothers (this explanation is the explanation of some tour guides to tourists, which is not believable. )The reason why they call it this is that the drinking water in Lijiang ancient city contains more minerals, so the people there are thinner and darker. Therefore, they regard fat as their beauty and black as their value. They think that the fatter the black the more honest, and the thinner the white the more bad people are, because the bad people are sharp tongued. If you want to marry a daughter-in-law, you need to marry a fat one, because she has a lot of strength, a lot of work and a lot of money. Naxi girl's homonym pajimei (the last word lightly read) is similar to Pang Jinmei. She is called Pang Jinmei. Maybe it's the myth of tourists or the creation of local guides

Value black

Lijiang is out of a high altitude area with strong ultraviolet rays. A day's exposure here is worth a week's exposure in the plain area. The climate in plateau area is dry, most people have rough skin and obvious plateau red on their face, which is red blood. However, in this era, a girl will dress up well, skin care products, cosmetics, everything. This situation is not much, but black is inevitable, after all, in the plateau area. Everyone has a love of beauty. Presumably, the Chinese people have almost the same aesthetic vision now, so we should not always think about how scary the Naxi people are. In contrast, ethnic minority girls will look more outstanding. And most of them are good at singing and dancing.

The trend of martyrdom prevails

Naxi nationality is a nation with free love, and the trend of martyrdom prevails. After lovers decide to die for love, some will tell their best friends about their decision, while some women will tell their mother about their decision, and the mother will also keep secrets. Most of the martyrs will choose to hang themselves in the places with high mountains and lush vegetation. The long narrative poem of Naxi nationality, Lu pan and Lu Rao, records the story of a pair of Naxi youths who died in love.