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What are the tourist attractions in Lijiang? Lijiang ancient city is the most beautiful!

Lijiang, a place with poetry and distance, an ancient city with many girls' longing, is also rich in tourism resources. Many people who like to travel will go to Lijiang. What are the famous scenic spots in Lijiang?

1. Lijiang ancient city

Lijiang ancient city is also a famous tourist attraction in Lijiang. The scenery here is also very beautiful. Every summer, many tourists come here to see the scenery here at night. It's also very beautiful to see the scenery here at night. It's also very pleasant for people to visit here in summer. The gusts of wind on the lake and caressing people's faces make people feel happy. Many people come here for this Have a look at the ancient city of Lijiang.

2. Yulong Snow Mountain

Yulong Snow Mountain is a popular tourist attraction in Lijiang. It's snowy all the year round. People also need to wear big cotton padded jacket here in summer. The snow here is also pure white, but many people can't stand the plateau reaction here. Because the altitude is relatively high, the snow here can be maintained in this way. When the sun rises, it looks crystal clear and beautiful on the snow.

3. Sifang Street

Sifang street is also a beautiful scenery in Lijiang. Many people gather in the daytime and at night. Many tourists come here in succession. The buildings here are also ancient buildings. They have a long history. Many people want to come here to find some different feelings. It is famous and popular in Sifang street, Lijiang. So when you come to Lijiang, you must have a look at these , will make you have a different experience.

4. Blue Moon Valley

The Blue Moon Valley is the formation of natural scenery, which looks very beautiful. The blue sky, green water, and a small waterfall make the air here very fresh. White clouds are like inlaid in the sky, which looks very beautiful. There is a different sense of picture under the background of green trees. People don't want to leave when they come. Here, they listen to the birds quietly, too It's very artistic.

5. Ganhaizi

Ganhaizi is also a very beautiful scenic spot in Lijiang. People here will bring cattle and sheep, with different artistic conception. Under the blue sky, we can see white clouds and flocks of cattle and sheep. It's very suitable for sketching, and also for the public to feel the nature. Standing quietly, you can breathe the freshest air. Looking at the most beautiful scenery is not the same mood.