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Where is the best hot spring in ALSHAN? How about the price of ALSHAN hot spring?

How about the consumption of ALSHAN hot spring?

There are many hot springs in ALSHAN, which are famous in the Museum of Haishen hot springs, followed by jinjianggou and yinjianggou. You can come to the hot springs in a few months if you want to. In summer, you can stay in the hot springs to prevent heatstroke, but there are too many people in summer. It is suggested that you come in winter, but the price and house price are very cheap in winter. If you want to cure diseases, most of them are cold springs. It is suggested that you come in summer. July to September. , ALSHAN Haishen hot spring club also has a couple suite, which can enjoy the hot spring bath. But ALSHAN hot spring seems to have a private room in the hot spring museum, but the price is a bit outrageous and not cheap.

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What is the effect of ALSHAN hot spring?

ALSHAN means hot spring. It's Mongolian. In fact, ALSHAN hot spring is a sick sentence. In translation, it is hot spring, but there are many hot springs in ALSHAN. There are three hot spring groups in ALSHAN, including ALSHAN hot spring group developed by Haishen group, jinjianggou hot spring group and yinjianggou hot spring group. There are 76 proven hot spring eyes in three places.

Among them, there are 37 eyes in the Chinese hot spring museum under the Haishen group, 11 eyes outside, 48 eyes in total. Jinjianggou hot spring group and yinjianggou hot spring group have 17 eyes and 5 eyes respectively. In addition, there is a separate Wuli spring, known as the first extraordinary spring in the world, which has been developed by Beijing blue sea group. ALSHAN hot spring belongs to metasilicic acid spring, rich in many minerals, the temperature is from 0 to 48 degrees, which has the recuperation effect of health and rehabilitation. It has a significant effect on rheumatism, cardio cerebrovascular diseases and skin diseases. It is a hot spring with excellent quality in China!

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Which month is the best time to go to ALSHAN hot spring?

ALSHAN is the most beautiful every month. If you want to choose, it will be more beautiful from June to November in summer and autumn. Self driving tour is the best choice. You can also choose to rent a car.

ALSHAN city is located in the northwest of Xing'an League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Its full name is "Harun & bull; ALSHAN", which means "hot holy water". The world's largest hot spring group has been flowing here for centuries. ALSHAN is a natural oxygen bar with dense vegetation. It used to be the location of the movie "Banquet".

There are many scenic spots in the National Forest Park, such as Tianchi, Santan gorge, Rhododendron lake, Shitanglin and so on. In addition, the sea god holy spring sanatorium is also a place to relax the body and mind. Because different springs have different functions and have high curative effect on various diseases, it is called holy spring.

ALSHAN is an ideal place for leisure, vacation and recuperation. China Hot Spring Museum China hot spring museum is located in the ALSHAN volcano hot spring National Geopark. The museum integrates a variety of geological landscapes such as hot spring divine pool, Qihu Xiushi, ALSHAN hot spring group, volcano, forest, grassland, ice and snow, lake group, etc. it has the largest hot spring group in the world, which can be washed and drunk, all of which are natural gushing, without any artificial digging, It's amazing.