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What are the special festivals in Shanghai? Do you know the 12 special festivals?

Shanghai can be said to be a new city. When you walk on the streets of Shanghai, you will surely feel the development and new of Shanghai. At the same time, Shanghai is also a new tourist destination with profound modern urban culture and numerous historical sites and cultures. Shanghai can be said to be a city with a river, sea, Tianjin, dense population and a large number of immigrants. After several times of integration and evolution, Shanghai gradually formed its own festival customs. So, what are the special festival customs in Shanghai?

Special festivals

1. City God Temple Lantern Festival Temple Fair: around the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar.

At that time, the shops and residents of the old city god temple will hang colorful lamps with exquisite production and various styles, which will be bustling and bustling.

Place: Old City God Temple

2. Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival: held from March to April every year.

Local people in Shanghai always have the custom of enjoying peach blossom in spring. Nanhui is one of the most important places to enjoy peach blossom. In recent years, Nanhui Peach Blossom Festival has become a popular place for Shanghai people to visit in spring.

Location: Taoyuan folk custom village, Nanhui transportation: Taohua Festival, tourist distribution center is set up in the square outside the Shanghai wildlife park. Tourists can take the bus to the square outside the Shanghai wildlife park to transfer to various scenic spots, or take the tourism line 2, Dongchang Road (Shanghai South line), Zhoujiadu (Zhounan line), new passenger station (Nanxin line) and Zhangjiang station (Zhangnan line) of Metro Line 2 in Shanghai Stadium , Longlu line, Yuanye line and other bus lines go directly to Nanhui.

3. Shanghai International Clothing Culture Festival: held from March to April every year.

The collection of front-line designers and models presents a colorful clothing culture, a colorful fashion trend, and a platform for the exchange of international fashion elements and Chinese national culture, which can not be missed by the young people in the world.

4. Shanghai International Flower Festival: April every year.

Shanghai International Flower Festival is held every two years. The flowers and plants from all over the world decorate the whole Changfeng Park as a big flower bed full of fantastic colors. It is not only a beautiful enjoyment, but also a popular science conference.

Location: Changfeng Park

5. F1 Shanghai: around October 1 every year.

F1's position in the field of racing today is like 'Olympic Games' or' World Cup football '. Each event can attract more than 1 billion people to watch the world's top events through television or other media.

Venue: Shanghai International Circuit

6. Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival: the last Saturday of April every year, lasting for one week.

In line with the tenet of "to have tea at the tea party, to communicate feelings with tea", a variety of tea culture activities have been set up, which has become a festival with certain influence in Shanghai, the whole country and even overseas, to spread Chinese traditional culture and national customs.

Location: Zhabei Park

7. Shanghai International Music Festival: 9 days in May every year.

Gold, silver and copper chimes are the most important points in the selection. Your favorite music may also be among them.

Venue: opening ceremony in Shanghai Grand Theatre

8. Shanghai International Film Festival: June every year, lasting for 9 days.

"Golden Jue Award" international film selection and exhibition, golden Jue International Film "New Asia Award" selection. No doubt make it the movie pilgrimage that audiences expect.

Location: Shanghai Film City.

Transportation: Panyu Road is close to Xinhua Road, bus 76, 113, 911, etc.

9. Time of Shanghai Tourism Festival: from September to October every year

Huache teams and performing groups from many countries and regions around the world will sing and dance along Huaihai Road. The selection of Shanghai tourism image ambassador is another highlight of the tourism festival. In addition, some ancient towns around Shanghai (such as Zhujiajiao) will hold colorful activities.

10. Shanghai International Art Festival: from October to November every year.

It is one of the highest standard foreign cultural exchange festival activities in China. During the festival, audiences can enjoy wonderful performances from all over the world.

11. Shanghai Art Expo: November 16-20 every year.

More than 1000 galleries or art agencies from more than 30 countries and regions participated in the exhibition and trade, and nearly 80000 art works participated in the exhibition and trade. The original works of many world-famous masters also made their debut through the huge platform of Shanghai Art Fair.

Location: Shanghai World Trade mall, No. 99, Xingyi road.

Transportation: 925, 911, 69, 127 and other buses can arrive.

Admission: 30 yuan / person, 25 yuan / person for group tickets (more than 10 people), 20 yuan / person for students, the elderly over 70 years old, the disabled and active servicemen with relevant certificates.

12. Shanghai National Fitness Festival: November every year.

During the festival, a number of large-scale activities will be held, with hundreds of thousands of people actively participating. The Shanghai International Marathon held during the festival is the focus of the national fitness Festival.