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Take stock of the seven flower and bird markets in Chongqing, let you quickly understand the spiritu

Chongqing is a city with rich cultural heritage, so how should we know about Chongqing? In fact, sometimes if we want to know about a city, we can go to various markets of the city. If you can understand the local people's living habits and local characteristics by visiting the food market, then you can have an insight into the local spiritual world by visiting the local flower and bird market. So, what are the flower and bird markets in Chongqing?

No.1 luzumiao flower market

Behind the sun and moon center, a small street is not very large. It's only a few minutes away. But if you stroll slowly, you will find many surprises and good mood. It's full of flowers, lovely and simple fleshy plants and lovely little flowers. My favorite is those small potted plants. They are so cute. Those beautiful rose lilies account for a large proportion, as well as the beautifully wrapped flowers, waiting to be chosen. Huashi is surrounded by big and small restaurants. There are big stalls, hot pot and small noodles. It's a great mood to have a delicious meal after visiting Huashi!

No.2 people's park pet market

People's Park is tall and lush with rare quiet, but also because there is a pet market, there is a rare bustle in the quiet. In addition to the fixed stalls, there are also many stalls where pets are sold. Sunday morning is the most popular morning. All of them are relatively simple animals, such as kittens, puppies, rabbits, birds, mice, etc., of which cats and dogs are the most. If you want to buy a large dog, you'd better find a fixed stall to buy it, which can guarantee the dog's health. If you feel lonely, keep a small animal, and the small life here has been waiting for someone.

No.3 back to Longwan flower market

Huilongwan flower market actually has no name, because it is located in huilongwan, so we are used to call it Nanping flower market or huilongwan flower market. The happiest job is to be in the flowers, take good care of flowers and plants, wipe the dust off the leaves with a soft cloth, and trim even a little yellow branches and leaves. So every time you walk in the fragrant market, you have an impulse to work here. Young people like to come here and buy one or two pots of small plants to put on their desks. It is not only fashionable, but also environmentally friendly. It radiates vigorous vitality and adds a lot of vitality to the office space!

No.4 Wanghai flower market

The most attractive thing here is the colorful fish. People who love fish will feel very kind when they come here. It's red, it's hot. The water plants, cabbage and lotus here are all fresh and tender. The courtyard style flower market attracts many families of three to visit and buy flowers. Walking here is like being in the ocean of flowers. Tall foliage plants, such as fortune tree, happiness tree and Brazilian wood, are particularly popular. The delicate ones, such as the small fortune tree, the pocket coconut, the miniature iron tree and the small potted plants, are also very pleasant, making people want to protect themselves.

No.5 Dadukou flower market

Next to the Chinese virtue Park, fengdanxiao builds the ground floor, which is very lively and popular. My favorite is the potted plants in it. There are many kinds. There are not only flowers and fish sellers, but also cats, dogs and hamsters. In fact, although many small animals are small, they can't be raised in such a small space, or they will die easily. The key is that the buyer does not understand that the animal needs to be kept in a small cage. For example, small hamsters alone need larger cages. In addition to all kinds of colorful flowers and plants, there are also very delicate and practical flower pots. Beautiful and affordable, it is absolutely a paradise for flower lovers.

No.6 Yangjiaping Jiulong flower and bird market

Jiulong flower and bird market is located next to Yangjiaping light rail station, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing. It is mainly composed of plants, goldfish and tropical fish. There are 5 or 6 stores selling different pets, of course, there are all kinds of turtles and tortoises you like. The favorite ones are the myna and the Wren who keep saying "hello". They are weird and funny. Some even whistle and read Tang poems. They look at you with innocent eyes, which definitely makes your heart melt in an instant and gives people an impulse to hold you away.

No.7 Beibei flower and bird market

It is located in the residential area near riverside Binjiang Road. There is a big market there, selling everything. There are all kinds of cats, dogs, flowers and birds. There are all kinds of potted plants. It's open early on Sunday. Potted plants or anything will be available until 3 or 4 p.m. Many of them are planted by the farmers themselves, and the price is not expensive. If you have a sweet mouth, you can have a good price with your boss.