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Which scenic spots are suitable for children to play in Chongqing? The top ten scenic spots for pare

Chongqing is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government in China. Many people's initial impression of Chongqing is probably the hot pot of Chongqing. Indeed, the hot pot of Chongqing has been popular all over the country, even in foreign countries. In fact, Chongqing's tourism industry goes hand in hand with food. So, which parts of Chongqing are suitable for parent-child travel?

1. Shapingba middot; flying through the jungle adventure park

Highlight: the "flying over the jungle" Adventure Park is a tree adventure project. Children can go freely in the forest, on the net Road, listen to the birds, breathe the fresh air, and stay away from the noise of the city. It's very comfortable. Isn't the shuttle on the tree very interesting? Playing games here can not only break through and challenge ourselves, but also improve the parent-child relationship between parents and children. [suitable for children over 3 years old and under 1.4m height] fare: 60-90 yuan (depending on the difficulty level price) self driving route: jiangbinjiang Road, Jialing -- Sabin road -- Citong Road, forest road -- Chongqing flying jungle Outdoor Adventure Park

2. Beibei & middot; Chongqing Nature Museum

Highlight: as the second largest comprehensive natural museum in China, it is located in Beibei. Parents can bring their children to watch dinosaur skeletons, dinosaur teeth, dinosaur eggs, African elephant specimens, polar bear specimens and other collections, totaling over 110000 pieces. In addition, there is a dinosaur fossil restoration laboratory here. Visitors can watch the process of scientific researchers repairing dinosaur fossils through the glass window, and also watch the spherical scientific display system which can display the research results of global ocean, atmosphere, meteorology and space exploration on the three-dimensional 'earth'.

Price: free (but the price of dinosaur exhibition in special exhibition hall is 20 yuan / person)

Self driving line: exit of Jinyun Mountain of Chongqing Wuhan Expressway - (turn left on the next road) - Yunkai road - (turn left after about 1.8km of straight line) - yunhuai road - (about 400m of straight line) - parking lot of Chongqing Natural Museum

3. Yubei & middot; jihuayuan

Highlight: jihuayuan is located in Longxing town. I believe that all the children have a dream of a pilot. The indoor wind tunnel parachute project of jihuayuan can fulfill the children's dream of flying. In addition, a series of unusual world-class extreme sports such as indoor surfing and indoor rock climbing let the baby play hi!

Ticket price: officially open on national day, ticket price to be determined

Self driving route: Airport Road Shengxing Avenue jihuayuan

4. Banan & middot; color forest

Highlight: located in Youfang village, Fengsheng Town, Banan District, Chongqing, with a total scale of 10000 mu, the first phase of 3000 mu has been basically completed. As the content of negative oxygen ions in the colorful forest reaches more than 12000 / cm3, it is a rare place for body-building and lung washing in the main city. The colorful forest allows children to experience rural farming, picking and tasting organic vegetables and fruits, as well as aerobic mountaineering, fishing, rural barbecue & hellip; cost: Fishing 15 / Jin, picking vegetables 8 yuan / Jin self driving route:

1. The main city (the inner ring expressway goes through the Cimushan tunnel along the river highway (g50s), and goes to the direction of Changshou Fuling, on the way down to Fengsheng) - Fengsheng ancient town (a famous national historical and cultural town) - colorful forest 2. The inner ring expressway -- four kilometers -- tea garden -- Chafu road -- Mudong toll station -- Fengsheng ancient town -- colorful forest

5. Legong farm

Reasons for recommendation:

This is a farm that opened last year. Not many people know it, and not many people come here to play on holidays. There is a special art lawn for children to take cute photos. The biggest feature of the farm is that children like the RV base and can rest when they are tired.

Ticket price: there is no need for ticket fee. There is an extra charge for dining in the park. Self driving route: Chongqing Kunming Expressway Gaolong Avenue Yiyun road Nanbo Bay Legong farm. Navigation search (Legong farm, Nanbo Bay).

6. Dadukou & middot; golden cake dream kingdom

Highlight: parents and their children can not only enjoy traveling and taking photos in the European style castle complex, but also experience homemade cakes, biscuits and chocolate, visit the central factory of Watson garden, and watch the making process of cakes, bread and biscuits.

Admission: 5 yuan / person, free for children under 1.2m

Self driving route: Chongqing -- two intersections, one Daping, one Shipingqiao, one Mawang Township, one Dadukou District, fuyixinshan village, light rail station one (about 2km in the direction of Ma'anshan) - Golden cake dream kingdom

7. Yongchuan & middot; le and Le Du

Highlight: you can bring your children here to see giraffes, flamingos, pumas and other animals. There are more than 300 kinds of animals, more than 10000 in total. You can also experience more than 30 sets of amusement equipment, such as' ten ring roller coaster 'and' boat surfing '. In addition, on May 28, 29 and June 1, the animal Olympics will be held here. At that time, you can watch nearly 100 kinds of events, such as EMU race, sea lion volleyball, equestrian competition, cross spot high jump, squirrel monkey rings, Pelican freestyle, black bear balance beam, etc. Ticket price: adult ticket 190 / person, child ticket 150 yuan / person (students in primary and secondary schools and high schools with a height of 1.2m or above can buy this ticket with their student ID card, and children with a height of 1.2m or below can enter the park for free) self driving route: Main City - Chengdu Chongqing Expressway - Yongchuan - Lehe and Ledu; 2. High speed railway route: North Square of North Railway Station - (Chengdu Chongqing high speed railway) - east Yongchuan Station - (Scenic Area direct train) - Lehe and Ledu.

8. Wansheng & middot; Ordovician Park

Highlight: there are more than 10 amusement facilities such as free jellyfish, merry go round, self-control aircraft, bumper car, rapids and so on. There are also high-altitude projects such as cloud covered bridge and glass suspension bridge to experience. Ticket price: no admission, independent charge for amusement project self driving route: main city - (41km through Chongqing Guizhou Expressway) - Qijiang - (32km through qiwan Expressway) - exit of Wansheng toll station - (black Valley ring road through South Gate of Heishan Valley to Shilin, 45 minutes) - Ordovician Park

9. Tongliang & middot; three color Rural time

Highlight: three colors & middot; rural time is composed of five theme areas: modern agricultural science and technology exhibition area, lakeside recreation area, children's play area, fruit and vegetable picking experience area, Rural flower field and camping area. It can not only see the future of high-tech modern agriculture, but also experience simple and happy rural life by participating in farming. It's a good choice for parents and children to travel!

Fare: 30 yuan / person. Children over 1.2m, high school students and below, 60-69-year-old people with valid certificates 20 yuan / person. Free for Children under 1.2 Metres.

Self driving route: Chongqing Tongliang tricolor rural time (drive: 1 hour and 30 minutes, via Chengdu Chongqing Ring Expressway, Tongliang North interchange, Longcheng Avenue, Dabei street, about 6km along Tongyan road to the destination. )

10. Nanchuan & middot; wocao Ranch

Highlight: children can ride horses, shoot arrows, catch fish, milk sheep, fish loach, pick up eggs, slide wooden basin, milk tea, roast mutton and other special dishes here.

Ticket price: 190 yuan per child, no charge for adult escort