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Here are 15 places for you to see different flower seasons

1. Nanshan Botanical Garden

Nanshan botanical garden has always been one of the most popular places to enjoy flowers. There are not only convenient transportation, but also many kinds of flowers. You can see different beautiful sceneries in different periods of the year

In addition to the splendid Cherry Blossom Spring Festival, Nanshan botanical garden has introduced more than 60 varieties from abroad. More than 200000 tulips are blooming in the botanical garden, which is open to the public for exhibition. The exhibition period of 'cherry blossom meets tulip, Nanshan is so leisurely' is from the end of January to March 28, 2019. Friends who like tulip must not miss it

Address: No.101, Botanical Garden Road, Nanshan, South Bank

Varieties: Zaoying, Hongmei, camellia, Rhododendron, Magnolia

Nanshan botanical garden ticket: 45 yuan (Nanshan botanical garden + greenhouse adult ticket)

Entrance to purchase ticket: send [botanical garden] in Chongqing local treasure wechat dialog box to purchase the special ticket of Nanshan Botanical Garden

Transportation: take rail transit line 3 and get off at Nanping station, then transfer to No. 384 and get off at Nanshan station

Warm tip: Nanshan botanical garden has a relatively short period of early cherry blossom! When will Chongqing tulips open?

2. Longevity & middot; longevity Lake

On February 5, the tulip exhibition of Changshou Lake has opened. There are more than 1 million tulips, 60 varieties and 31 different colors. It's time to prepare the camera and go to the concave shape

Tulips in red, white, pink and other colors present a colorful sea of flowers for tourists, as well as sailing, airplanes and other recreational projects. It's also very good to visit Changshou Lake in spring

Address: Changshou Changshou Lake

Adult ticket: original price 35 yuan, wechat ticket 32 yuan

Ticket purchasing entrance: send [Changshou Lake] in Chongqing local treasure wechat dialog box to purchase preferential tickets of Changshou Lake

Variety: tulip

Transportation: main city - Shanghai Chongqing Expressway - Changshou Lake interchange - hushou West Road - Changshou Lake Tourist Center

3. Chuanmei & middot; Huangjueping

The cherry blossom in Huangjueping campus of Chuanmei is the earliest wave in Chongqing. Although the number of early cherry trees in the campus is small, it is enough to make people feel relaxed and happy. It's a big movie at any time

You can stand under the tree alone

The scene in self brain mending "speed of seconds five centimeters" imagines cherry blossoms falling from the sky and circling in the air. In addition to cherry blossoms, red plum blossoms are also in full bloom

Address: No.108, Huangjueping street, Jiulongpo District

Variety: Zaoying, Hongmei

Transportation: take bus 223, 233, 277, 823 to get off near Huangjueping campus of Chuanmei

4. Phoenix flower sea

Spring flower festival Tulip Festival, February may

Cherry blossom, peach blossom, red leaf plum blossom, Begonia, Bauhinia, triangle plum, Magnolia, Magnolia, tulip, Yumei, Primula, kale in feather, Viola, goldfish grass, bosju, February orchid, woody spring chrysanthemum, beautiful cherry, purple leaf milkweed, carnation, four seasons Begonia, Fusarium, big flower cherry, orchid, scarlet, red stepwood, golden pheasant, etc

A hundred flowers in bud, the first bloom of wealth and wealth, the coming spring, let's have a good time in spring

Address: hunanba village, Fenghuang Town, Shapingba District, Chongqing

Varieties: cherry, peach, Begonia, Bauhinia, bougainvillea, Magnolia, Magnolia, etc

Tel: 023-65657818

Adult ticket: original price 30 yuan, wechat ticket 26 yuan

Ticket purchase entrance: send [Phoenix flower sea] in Chongqing local treasure wechat dialog box to purchase Phoenix flower sea special ticket

Transportation: main city -- Chongqing Hunan Expressway -- daguanxiadao -- Daguanyuan

5. Yubei & middot; zhaomushan Park

There is a climbing path in Zhaomu mountain forest park. At this time, the red plum blossom has opened, which is particularly eye-catching. You can walk in the sea of flowers to find the fragrance. You can also go by bike to find the fragrance

With the warming of the weather, cherry blossoms are all in full bloom in the park, and there are large areas of lawns in the park. On weekends, you can bring some outdoor food and enjoy flowers and picnics

Address: No.88, west section of Jinkai Avenue, Yubei District

Variety: Zaoying, Hongmei

Transportation: take rail transit line 5 to Renhe station, then walk up the mountain

6. Jiulongpo District & middot; Caiyun Lake Wetland Park

The red plum in Meiyuan of Caiyun Lake Wetland Park, Panlong Avenue, Jiulongpo District has opened. Its delicate petals are divided into two colors: red and pink, which are hung on the branches. The red flame is gorgeous, and the white of the pink is red and warm as jade

It is surrounded by water on three sides and has a steep terrain with a total area of 83.1 hectares. It is the 'Peach Garden' of the main city. There are ten scenic spots around the lake, such as fir forest, smoke and rain, peach blossom Peninsula, light boat and fine cable. It's very good for leisure and fitness

Address: Panlong Avenue, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing (Baidu navigation 'Caiyun Lake Wetland Park')

Admission: Free

Transportation: take bus No.200 to caiyunhu station; take bus No.268 to Panlong 1 station, then walk down the right curve for about 5 minutes

Florescence: the florescence of red plum is very short, usually about half a month. If you want to enjoy red plum, you have to hurry up. What is the peach blossom in Chongqing imperial concubine's peach garden? How much is the entrance fee?

7. Peach blossom in Tongnan imperial concubine's peach garden

Time: officially opened on February 23

Viewing mode: visitors can walk or take sightseeing bike to watch

Entertainment: barbecue, inflatable castle, trampoline and other entertainment facilities that children like

Admission: 10 yuan / person

Viewing address: Group 10, guopo village, Baizi Town, Tongnan District

Tour guide: Group 10, guopo village, Tongnan City & rarr; Taian direction & rarr; weican road junction & rarr; Taian manor & rarr; Baizi direction & rarr; direction

Introduction to peach blossom appreciation in Tongnan imperial concubine's peach garden

The peachblossom garden of the imperial concubine covers an area of more than 1000 mu. This year, the peach blossom not only blooms early, but also grows well. In a few days, the peach blossom in the garden will be a pink ocean until the middle of March, with a flowering period of more than 20 days.

8. Chongqing meiyinghuahai

Viewing time: February 15 to April 25, 2019

Address: Jinlong Village, Shimen Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing

Tel: 15881146004

Ticket price: 40 yuan (purchase by wechat: 35 yuan)

Beautiful cherry blossom seascape area is located in Jinlong Village, Shimen Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing. It is 43 kilometers away from Jiangjin city, 35 kilometers away from Yongchuan City and 90 kilometers away from Chongqing city. The scenic area mainly enjoys rare peony cherry blossom. The combination of Cherry Blossom beauty and entertainment can let the elderly taste the past and the present, young people get back the innocence, lovers experience romance, and children have fun. Strive to build a visual feast, romantic happiness, recreation, picking experience as one of the leisure tourist attractions!

Introduction to cherry blossom sea

Located in Jinlong Village, Shimen Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing City, meiyinghua seascape area is about 43 kilometers away from Jiangjin city, 35 kilometers away from Yongchuan City, 90 kilometers away from Chongqing City, covering an area of about 340000 square meters. It forms a local tourism route with Shimen Buddha, stalagmite Mountain Forest Park, tieguaili's former residence and late maturing citrus base.

9. Nanchuan & middot; Grand View Garden

In Meihua garden, Tieqiao village, Daguan Town, built according to the lake, more than 60 varieties and 2800 plum blossoms are in full bloom, with fragrance floating and fragrance overflowing. The flower viewing season lasts for more than three months. All kinds of plum blossoms are combined with landscape, lake light, ancient pavilions of Langqiao and green tiles of screen walls, which makes the whole park present a strong 'Chinese style'

Address: Tieqiao village, Daguanyuan, Nanchuan District

Varieties: wintersweet, Miyamoto, Longyou, zhenzhumei, yudiemei, green calyx, etc

Transportation: main city -- Chongqing Hunan Expressway -- daguanxiadao -- Daguanyuan

10. Tongliang & middot; colorful dream garden

Every time the spring breeze sways the shallow sea of flowers, the colorful dream garden starts to resist its charm. There are more than ten varieties of flowers and plants in the garden, such as rose, bosju, qianrihong, etc.. More than ten varieties of flowers and plants compete to open the quiet village under Bayue mountain. They dress up to be extraordinarily beautiful. They walk along the sightseeing trail with yellow, red, pink and purple flowers, like a gorgeous oil painting, boat trip to the lake, fishing, etc

Address: Huangmen village, Nancheng street, Tongliang District

Varieties: tulip, bosju, malachite grass, qianrihong

Transportation: take bus from longtousi temple, Caiyuanba and chenjiaping station to Tongliang, then take the rural passenger transport to Huangmen

11. Bishan & middot; Xiuhu Park

Xiuhu park is named after Guo Moruo's praise of Bishan's "Daishan and Xiuhu". Xiuhu Park integrates the element of "flower music", which enables tourists and citizens to enjoy flowers all the year round and feel the shock of being surrounded by the "flower sea"

The lighting, music and fountain performance of the park is integrated. The sound, light, water, electricity, laser and many other elements look particularly beautiful at night. People can also enjoy buildings with Han Tang style and Song Dynasty style in the park. If they walk around the park, it will take up to 2 hours at most

Species: 150 species of tall trees, 150 species of flowering shrubs and plants

Flowering: 365 days a year

Bus route: take the light rail line 1 to the University City station, transfer to the 901 bus to Bishan Party school station and get off Chongqing Haitang for a few months? How long does it last?

12. Qijiang & middot; papaya and Begonia Garden

The spring sun is shining on the earth, and the plants are waking up. The flowering of papaya and Begonia in Qijiang papaya and Begonia Garden, especially the one near the square, is particularly charming. One plant of papaya and begonia, against the background of green mountains, is more gorgeous in the warm spring sun. The red and pink plants are beautiful

Variety: papaya and begonia

Flowering: February March

Self driving route: main city Chongqing Guizhou Expressway qiwan Expressway Tonghui Xiadao Triangle town Mugua Haitang Garden

13. Jiangbei & middot; hongensi Park

Hongmei in Hongen Temple Park has already begun to bloom. Plum flowers scattered on both sides of the road occupy every corner of the park. Walking and enjoying flowers is the right way to open on weekends

In the park, there are other flowers, seedlings, and plum trees, and other flowers. The fragrance of the flowers is very pleasant

Address: near No. 305, Hongshi Road, Jiangbei District

Variety: plum, white orchid, Begonia

Transportation: take rail transit line 5 and get off at dashiba station

14. Guangyang island on the south bank

Opening time of Guangyang island on the South Bank: it is expected to be at the end of February or the beginning of March every year (the park has not been opened yet, if it is opened, it will be updated in time)

The best flowering period of Guangyang island on the South Bank: mid March

Tickets to Guangyang island on the South Bank: free (the ferry to the park needs to be charged)

A tour of Guangyang island on the south bank

At that time, you can go to Guangyang island for flowers, outings, kites and picnics. Every spring, this is a popular place to travel.

In addition to creating a large area of rape flower overseas, Guangyang island will also hold many wonderful activities such as overseas equestrian performance, flower carving art exhibition, grassland concert, special photography competition, etc. during the flower season in March.

With the weather clearing up, Guangyang Island, which is full of flowers and full of spring, attracts tens of thousands of people to visit the island. Recently, the citizens who come to enjoy the flowers rush into the golden rape field to seize the best 'position' for taking photos.

Cameras, mobile phones, tablet computers, selfie poles and other photography tools have appeared on the stage, and citizens are competing to pose with different shapes to take photos, leaving their own footprints in this rare beautiful flower sea.

15. Colorful waterfall in Yuzi New Area

Wansheng's first batch of tulips has opened, and more than 7000 tulips in the colorful cascading waterfall of Yuzi new area are in full bloom next time. It's as beautiful as a cloud brocade!

Tulips are always the first to report for Spring Festival. At the end of January, tulips in Yuzi new area opened, adding a beautiful scenery to the Spring Festival.

A cluster of bright tulips, like butterflies next to a blooming, fresh and bright. A breeze blew, they gently swayed, graceful, and fluttering, Zhang obviously smart.

Address: wucaidiepu, Yuzi New District, Wansheng

Transportation: main city - qiwan Expressway - Lanhai Expressway - Inner Ring Expressway - Wansheng Yuzi New District