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Eight scenic spots worth visiting in Chongqing give you different visual feast

Chongqing is not only a famous historical and cultural city, but also one of the four municipalities directly under the central government in China. Chongqing's unique geographical location has made it a famous tourist city in China. So, what are the scenic spots worth visiting in Chongqing?

1. Hongya cave

Hongya cave is located in the riverside area of the intersection of Cangbai Road, Yangtze River and Jialing River in the core business district of Chongqing. It is a combination of urban tourism landscape, business leisure landscape and urban cultural landscape. Taking the Diaojiao building with the characteristics of traditional architecture of Bayu as the main body, it is built along the river according to the situation of the mountain, and the Liberation Monument reaches the riverside.

Internal traffic:

Take bus No.111 and No.112 to outer ring road, No.114 to Hongyadong station, No.105, No.111 and No.112 to inner ring road, xiaoshizi station, then walk 400 meters northwest.

Metro Line 2 is near Jiangmen station, then walk 500 meters to the northeast.

2. Ciqikou Ancient Town

Ciqikou Ancient Town is located at the Bank of Jialing River, Shapingba District, Chongqing. It was founded in the Song Dynasty. It has a unique landform of one river, two streams, three mountains and four streets, forming a natural harbor, which is an important water and land wharf beside the Jialing River. Once thousands of people bowed their hands in the daytime, and thousands of bright lights flourished at night.


Take bus Zhongba and bus No. 220 to get to the ancient town in ten minutes. Tourists in Beibei direction can get off at tongjiaqiao and enter the ancient town from Jinrong gate. Jiangbei, Nan'an, Jiulongpo, Yuzhong District are very convenient to Shapingba. You can take bus, Zhongba or taxi.

Bus line: 202-220-220 timing line-237-261 air conditioning-467-503-553-808-843 section

3. Jinfoshan

Jinfo mountain is a green gem inlaid in the southwest of the motherland. It is known as the natural plant exhibition hall. With its unique natural features, a wide variety of rare animals and plants, dangerous and strange rock body shape, mysterious and deep cave palace, unpredictable meteorological landscape and ancient temple relics, it ranks among the four famous mountains of Bashu with Emei Mountain, Qingcheng Mountain and Jinyun Mountain.

Tourism transportation: Caiyuanba tourism distribution center -- Jinfoshan scenic spot

Note: there are two stations in Nanchuan County, i.e. the central station and the west station. The buses from Chongqing city directly arrive at the central station.

The bus from Nanchuan passenger transport center station to the north slope of Jinfoshan, and the bus from Nanchuan passenger transport west station to the west slope of Jinfoshan.

From the central station to the west station, you can take a round the city bus, which costs 5 yuan.

4. Black Valley Scenic Area

Heishan Gujing district is located in Heishan Town, Wansheng economic and Technological Development Zone, Chongqing. The black valley scenic area is composed of two scenic areas, namely, the black Valley and the dragon scale stone sea. There are Junling, Fenglin, Youxia, cliff, forest, bamboo sea, waterfall, clear water, karst cave, antique plank road, floating bridge, cloud sea, countryside, primitive vegetation, rare animals and plants and other unique landscapes.

Internal traffic

1. Bus: take the long-distance bus to Wansheng at Nanping and chenjiaping coach stations in Chongqing, with the fare of 38 yuan (excluding the insurance fee). After getting off, take the bus from Wansheng to Heigu Valley directly at guanjingwan station, with the fare of 5.5 yuan / person;

2. Self driving: the specific route is Chongqing East Ring Interchange inner ring expressway (Chongqing Guizhou direction Jieshi Chongqing Guizhou Expressway qiwan Expressway (about 500m from Qijiang exit) - Wansheng.

5. Wujiang Gorge Scenic spot along the river

Wujiang gallery and Wujiang River are called Wujiang River after crossing. It still flows to the northeast, through Kaiyang, Weng'an, Meitan, Yuqing, Fenggang and Shiqian to Sinan. The scenic spot of Wujiang gorge along the river is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and rest on the branches and stone piers; wangtuo gorge is a place where the river is wide and narrow, the river is fast and slow, the trees on both sides are lush, the bamboo shadow is swaying, and the white fog of the hot spring can be seen several miles away.

6. Jindao Gorge

Jindaoxia is located in Jindaoxia Town, Beibei District, Chongqing City, at the south foot of Huaying Mountain, 880m above sea level. It is 90km away from the center of Chongqing and 62km away from Beibei city. Jindao gorge is a national 4A tourist attraction, with main scenic spots including Tibetan Dao cave, Zhongxia natural bathing beach, Shitou gorge, Maitreya Buddha, etc. The scenic spot has the characteristics of gorge danger, mountain Xiong, water show, many waterfalls, pond Bi, etc.


Take the high-speed bus from Nanping long-distance bus station to Beibei to the terminal station, and then transfer to team 22 to Jindaoxia. 2. Take the high-speed bus 502 from Chongbin, Jiefangbei, to the terminal, and transfer to the bus 22 to Jindaoxia. 3. Take the high-speed bus from the opposite side of the eighth middle school of Shapingba to Beibei to the terminal station, and transfer to the bus from team 22 to Jindaoxia. 4. At the gate of Yangjiaping Institute of technology, take the high-speed bus from Beibei to the terminal station, and then transfer to team 22 to Jindaoxia

7. Taohuayuan scenic spot in Youyang

Taohuayuan scenic spot is located in the mountains in the suburb of Youyang County, a summer resort known as Chongqing Liangdu. Jinyinshan National Forest Park is renamed as Youyang Taohuayuan National Forest Park. Taohuayuan National Forest Park is located in the jinyinshan area of Taohuayuan community, Taohuayuan Town, Youyang County. It is the Western barrier of ancient Taoyuan scenic area, with an altitude of 650m-1184m and a subtropical humid monsoon climate area.

Transportation: Chongqing North Station - Youyang station (Longtan), after getting off, transfer to bus (railway station - Youyang Chengnan bus station), get off - take No.101 bus to Taoyuan jinshui'an, get off - go through Taohuayuan square.

8. Ayi River

The Ayi River, formerly known as Changxi River, originated in Fenshui Township, Wuchuan County, Guizhou Province, meanders northeast into Pengshui County, Chongqing, passes through changqiba, zhouzituo and Sanjiangkou, and finally flows into Wujiang River from Changxi beach, wanzu township. Ayi river is a very unique original ecological scenic spot, with considerable natural scenery on the mountain and folk customs at the foot of the mountain. It is simple and elegant, perfectly combined with natural landscape and national customs.

Transportation: take the train from Chongqing north railway station (fare: 33 yuan) (longtousi railway station) to Pengshui station, transfer to bus (4 yuan) to Pengshui County, get off at the big turntable of the county, transfer to bus (1 yuan) to Hebao overpass, transfer to Hebao - Ayi River bus to the Ayi river.