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Six delicious snacks with Xiangyang characteristics make you want to eat

Xiangyang can be said to be a national historical and cultural city. It is the main birthplace of Chu culture, Han culture and Three Kingdoms culture. It has a history of more than 2800 years and has been an important economic and military place in the past dynasties. It is known as "the first city in China", "Xiangyang in iron battle" and "the place where strategists must fight". So, what are the special snacks in Xiangyang?

Xiangyang special food and snacks

1. Xiangyang beef noodles

This is one of the special pasta in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province. It's Xiangyang people's favorite breakfast. It can be divided into meat department and vegetable department. Meat department is to add beef or beef offal and other meat to the butter noodles, generally with chili. Vegetable system is to add bean curd, kelp and other vegetables in the butter noodles, generally without pepper. Beef noodle soup is usually made by stewing beef bones and beef with many kinds of seasonings. When eating noodles, with a bowl of soymilk, it tastes delicious and has a long aftertaste.

2. Xiangyang hooves

Xiangyang wrapped hooves can be compared with Jinhua ham and Xuanwei ham. When eating, it is cut into slices. This dish is mostly used for cold dishes. The color is red and bright, the meat is fragrant, with ginger and rice vinegar. The aftertaste is long and quiet. It is a good dish for drinking.

3. Zaoyang sour noodles

Originated in Qing Dynasty, it has a history of more than 100 years. In the streets of Juwan, the smell of sour noodles is full of people's mouth and nose. Many Xiangfan city residents often drive to Zaoyang to taste the delicious sour noodles.

4. Eel in Yicheng

Pan eel originated in Yicheng city, Hubei Province, the capital of Chu state in history. It's said that when Wu Zixu, the Minister of Chu, fled to a farmer's house, the farmer's wife used the small eel with the thick thumb that was left after eating the eel yesterday to dry fry it with some common seasonings, all of which were in the shape of mosquito repellent incense. After eating, Wu Zixu thought it was very good. He named it Pan Long eel.

5. Xiangyang Jiasha meat

This dish is made of fat meat and mung bean sand. It is wrapped in meat and fried in the pot. It is a very popular sweet fried dish at the banquet. The production pays attention to material selection, knife skill and fire. The vegetables are golden in color, full of sand filling, crispy outside and tender inside, fat but not greasy, sweet and refreshing.

6. Yicheng duck

Yicheng duck, also known as Yicheng sauce duck, is one of the specialties of Yicheng city, Xiangyang, Hubei Province. Yicheng duck has exquisite materials and fine processing. From the original duck to the finished duck, it has to go through more than ten basic processes. Before and after the mid autumn festival every year, manufacturers began to purchase a large number of free range grass duck for fattening. The processing of duck is limited by climate. The processing time is generally from cold dew to the beginning of spring in the second year, and other time is not suitable for processing. Duck meat is plump, delicate, thin and delicious, with the characteristics of high protein and low fat.