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How to take the subway in Sanlitun, Beijing? What's the fun in Sanlitun?

How can I take the subway in Sanlitun, Beijing?

Take the subway line 10 Tuanjiehu station to get off. Walking to Sanlitun: starting from tuanjiehudi station to the west, walk for 20 meters, go straight to the north of workers' Stadium, walk for 570 meters along workers' Stadium North Road, turn right for 50 meters, turn left for 90 meters, turn left for 10 meters, turn right for 250 meters, turn left for 100 meters, turn left for four lanes of three happiness villages, walk for 150 meters along four lanes of three happiness villages, turn left for 100 meters, and reach the destination Sanlitun.

You should get off at Tuanjiehu station of Sanlitun village, line 10. Take Zhaolong Hotel as a reference from the northwest exit. Walk westward for about 5 minutes, there is a bus stop. Take No. 115, No. 117, etc. and get off at Sanlitun. Or walk for about 15 minutes. Get off at dongshitiao station of line 2, exit dongnankou, take the Hong Kong and Macao Center as a reference, walk eastward for about 5 minutes, there is a bus stop, take 406, 431, 758, 115, 113, 701, take Sanlitun to get off on the opposite side of the road. Take Zhongfu building as a reference, walk north for 5 minutes, and get off at Sanlitun, No. 113 road.

Nearby bus routes: 113; 115; 431; 701; te16; ye34; ye3, get off at Sanlitun station.

What's fun in Sanlitun?

According to the recommendation of netizens, there is a science and technology village called Zhongguancun and a fashion village called Sanlitun. It's a gathering place for fashion experts and nightclub enthusiasts. There are all kinds of places for eating, drinking and playing. It's a good place to see handsome men and beautiful women. Of course, there's accommodation in this place, but the price ~ you know, if the owners buy in groups, they can go to the famous products channel of Gaopeng, there's Sanlitun Yushe hotel Luxury night lottery! Friendly tips, if you come to Beijing from other places to play, this event is free transfer from the luxury car airport! Is it swollen? It's very good