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What's the best way to visit cherry blossom in Japan? The best place to enjoy cherry blossom in Japa

When it comes to cherry blossom, the most famous is Japan. Cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. Every time visitors from all over the world come to Japan to enjoy cherry blossom, it becomes a beautiful scenery. So, as a newcomer, what are the most worthwhile places to visit in Japan? How to make your journey more abundant and happy? Choosing the right route is the key.

Recommendation for first cherry viewing -- Tokyo + Mount Fuji

The flowering period of Guandong is always earlier than that of guanxi. If there are friends who can't wait to enjoy the cherry trees, they can choose the line of Tokyo + Fuji mountain, stroll in the streets of Tokyo, and find the flying pink in the cracks of modern tall buildings, just like walking in the comics.

Tired, go into the roadside shop, eat, drink, shop, come out and immediately return to the magical reality. It's a great choice for the first time to enjoy Cherry Blossom shopping in the gorgeous night view of Tokyo and a traditional Japanese hot spring in Fuji mountain.

Tokyo: beauty in prosperity

Late March is the time when cherry blossoms bloom in Tokyo. In spring, Tokyo is plated with a layer of romantic color by pink cherry. There are countless cherry resorts in Tokyo. The cherry branches on both sides of the road interlace into a dreamlike 'cherry tunnel', and the river is dyed pink by the fallen cherry.

[cherry viewing time] late March to early April

Shinjuku Garden

Shinjuku Yuyuan is the largest Japanese garden and French garden in Tokyo. It is located in the center of the city and covers an area of about 58 hectares. There are 75 varieties and 1500 cherry blossoms in it. Different varieties of cherry blossoms open like relay events, making the flowering period here relatively as long as one month.

Mount Fuji: cherry blossom in soup

Like cherry blossom, Mount Fuji is a symbol of Japan. When cherry blossoms bloom, whether it's sitting in a sea of cherry blossoms in the shallow shrine or taking a cruise in the lake of Hekou, Mount Fuji is there and will never grow old. In Hekou lake, there are also many hot spring hotels. At the unique floor window, you can not only enjoy the comfortable hot spring, but also enjoy the cherry blossom. It can be said that the hot spring, cherry blossom and Fuji Mountain are very interesting.

[cherry viewing time] from the first ten days of April to the last ten days of April, is it fun to go to Kyoto to enjoy cherry blossom? How much is the entrance fee?

Cherry Blossom stroll in the ancient capital -- Kyoto + Nara + Osaka

Guanxi is a cherry viewing resort of the healing department. There are countless places of interest here, full of thick ancient charm. Walking in Guanxi, where there are many Sakura, shrine, temple, street and park, every place is worth your stay, and every place is the most beautiful background. Put on a kimono, stroll in Osaka City Park, purify your mind in Kyoto's Sakura temple, meet Geisha in the only garden, hold his hand and watch the night cherry along Baichuan. In Nara Park, put on another suit of kimono and dance with deer in the cherry blossom. If you are energetic, you can also climb Mount Jiye and watch the shock of a thousand trees.

Kyoto: pink sea of clouds

Kyoto is the only cherry viewing resort that you can't miss. There are dark brown ancient temples, vermilion peaceful shrine, and small trains running slowly in ancient houses. All of these landscapes are set off by large groups of cherry blossoms, which exude a simple and gentle atmosphere, making you feel the ancient capital style under the cherry blossom.

[cherry viewing time] late March to mid April


Lantian Cherry Blossom tunnel is the most attractive way for people to go to Lanshan. The cherry blossom tunnel is located between yuduoye and Minglong of Lantian north Wild line. Cherry blossoms grow on both sides of the tram, just like the cherry blossom tunnel entering. You can also climb to the top of Lanshan mountain and overlook the cherry blossom.

Nara: playing with fawn under cherry tree

There are two ways to enjoy the cherry, one is to enjoy the cherry quietly, the other is to enjoy the cherry happily. Playing with fawn under the cherry tree is the most popular way to enjoy the cherry in Japan. Fawn against the cherry blossom is more charming and lovely, while Nara is the gathering place of fawn.

Mount Yoshino

Japan's most representative cherry viewing resort. Because it is said that the city cherry is a tree inhabited by gods, its number is gradually increasing. Mainly urban cherry trees, about 30000 cherry trees are in full bloom all over the mountain. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, cherry trees gradually open, "one eye, one thousand trees". There are also Japanese hotels in the mountains that can enjoy hot springs.

Yoshino mountain is famous for its cherry blossom, which has the reputation of the first cherry in Japan. Thirty thousand cherry trees are covered. When the cherry blossom is blooming, how can it be a beautiful word!

Admission: Free

Osaka: Food and cherry blossom

Osaka is not only a romantic city, but also a gourmet city. The most iconic experience in Osaka is to stroll under the cherry trees with delicious food aroma, to overlook the city of Osaka in the Tianshou Pavilion of Osaka City Park, and to have a panoramic view of the gorgeous cherry flowers of Osaka City.

[cherry viewing time] when is the best time to see cherry blossom in Hokkaido from late March to mid April?

Facing the tail of spring -- Hokkaido

In May of this state, the cherry blossom in Hokkaido is in full bloom. The cherry blossom season in Hokkaido is from late April to early May. If you miss the cherry blossom season in other Japanese cities in April, you can choose to come to Hokkaido, which is the last stop of the Japanese Cherry Blossom front.

[cherry viewing time] late April to early May

Sapporo songqian Park

There are more than 250 kinds of cherry trees in songqianding, which is called the hometown of cherry trees. At the end of April every year, there is a Cherry Blossom Festival in front of the pine tree. It is said that there are more than 250 kinds of cherry flowers planted here. Because of the variety and different flowering periods, there is a month long time to enjoy the cherry slowly.

Everything grows, cherry blossoms on the other side are quietly blooming, once a year, cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Go to Japan with your favorite people to see cherry blossoms, walk in the simple streets, and visit all the cherry viewing holy places.