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What are the places to enjoy cherry blossom in China? You can go to these five places to enjoy Cherr

Now it's almost the best time to enjoy cherry blossom. We all know that cherry blossom is more famous in Japan. However, there are many places to enjoy cherry blossom in China. The most famous one is Wuda cherry blossom, but I don't know if you know it. In fact, there are many good places to enjoy cherry blossom in China, not only the scenery is no worse than that in Japan, but also not far away. So, what are the places for Cherry Blossom appreciation in China?

Nanjing Jiming Temple

The cherry blossom in Jiming temple is famous all over the country. Every March and April, when the cherry blossom is in full bloom, countless tourists come here to watch the romantic Cherry Blossom Road, Jiming temple road. This north-south road can be said to be one of the best scenic spots in Nanjing. The two sides are the Jiming temple and the Nanjing municipal government. They extend to the liberation gate of the Ming city wall and the famous Xuanwu Lake scenic area after the city wall. Cherry blossoms in full bloom on both sides of the road set off the elegant Jiming temple. Under the cover of flowers like brocade, the solemn yellow walls and cornices of the ancient temple are gentle and full of Zen.

Yuantong mountain, Kunming

Kunming is known as the spring city, and its climate is naturally no longer suitable for plant growth. Therefore, the cherry blossom growing in Yuantong mountain of Kunming is particularly warm. It may be the most prosperous cherry forest in China. Kunming is a beautiful place for outing in spring. Yuantongshan zoo is the traditional place for Kunming people to travel in spring. The Cherry Blossom Festival held from the middle and late February to March and April is also an important reason for tourists to come here. Enjoy the flowers and enjoy the delicious food. Spend a happy spring in the sea of flowers!

Wuhan University, Hubei Province

When it comes to cherry resorts in China, how can we not mention Wuhan University. In March, only Wuda can enjoy the cherry blossom. The cherry blossom of Wuda has both beauty and history, which symbolizes the change of Sino Japanese relations. Mr. mang will not talk about it here. You can check it yourself if you are interested. More than a dozen varieties and more than 1000 cherry trees are scattered in the campus of Wuhan University. When the cherry trees are in full bloom in mid March, many tourists will come here. At that time, the crowd in the campus of Wuhan will be very busy. The solemn campus atmosphere and simple buildings give cherry blossom a different aesthetic feeling. You can go early, avoid the crowd and enjoy the flowers quietly.

Yongfu tea garden, Zhangping, Fujian

If you want to see a large number of cherry blossoms in China, you have to wait until March and April, but it's different here. Yongfu's cherry blossoms continued to bloom in January and February, which can last until March and April. It is one of the earliest places in China where cherry blossoms can be seen on a large scale. 150000 cherry trees are planted in the tea trees of Yongfu, extending along the tea garden path. Tea trees, like waves, rolled past in rows and hit the gorgeous red cherry blossom. The zigzag Cherry Blossom path brings another fresh romance to the verdant tea garden.

Yuantouzhu in Wuxi

Yuantouzhu, the essence of Taihu Lake scenery in Wuxi, should be familiar to all tourists. Taihu Lake's best place, after all, is Yuantou, the first scenic spot in Taihu Lake, which is absolutely impressive. The Yuantouzhu in spring is the cherry blossom season. More than 30000 cherry trees are in full bloom near Taihu Lake, like a pink cloud perching on the lake. Walking in the cherry valley is like walking through the haze, the bridge, the flowing water, the walls and the tiles. It's a beautiful scenery in the south of the Yangtze River. On the lake, the pink cherry river flows under the boat. The lake and mountains are also reflected in romantic pink and white. At night, the colorful lights are on, and the cherry blossoms under the gorgeous lights are like fairy dreams.

So you don't need to go to Japan at all to see the splendid scenery like clouds and flowers in Linshui. You can have it at your door!