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What are the interesting places in Sanming City, Fujian Province? Top ten scenic spots in Sanming Ci

Sanming is an important city in Fujian Province. Sanming is also a tourist city. There are many tourist attractions in this city, but do you know the ranking of these tourist attractions? Where are many interesting tourist attractions?

1. Taining scenic spot

Taining is a new tourism area with abundant tourism resources. On February 11, 2005, at the UNESCO World Geopark review conference, Taining was awarded the world-class brand of World Geopark and became the second world-class tourist area after Wuyi Mountain in Fujian. Taining is also a national key scenic spot, national '4' tourism area, National Forest Park, National Geopark, national key cultural relics protection unit, national intangible cultural heritage, China's excellent tourism County, China's biosphere reserve network member unit, or a provincial nature reserve, Provincial Tourism Economic Development Zone, Provincial Tourism Resort.

2. Castanopsis Forest Park

National tourist attraction, one of the main scenic areas of Sanyuan National Forest Park. With an area of 14100 Mu and a total timber reserve of 210000 cubic meters, Castanopsis kawakamii accounts for more than 80%, which is the largest natural Castanopsis forest in the world. More than 100 years ago, British botanist Jeremy discovered this Castanopsis forest in Sanming. After returning to China, he wrote a special article to introduce it, so people named it Castanopsis kawakamii. Castanopsis kawakamii is a rare tree, also known as green Castanopsis kawakamii, commonly known as' Hongke '. Evergreen tree with dense crown and yellow flowers; solid material, fine texture and corrosion resistance, it is the best material for shipbuilding and high-grade furniture; bark can be used to make tannin extract; its fruit contains starch, sweet and edible, so it is called "small chestnut".

3. Zhuzi Cultural Park

Zhuzi cultural park scenic spot is located in Shuinan, Chengguan Town, Youxi County. Youxi County has a long history, profound cultural accumulation and numerous cultural relics, which is the seat of the county government. Youxi County is the birthplace of Zhu Xi, a famous Neo Confucianism and educator in the Southern Song Dynasty. It is known as the "Pearl of central Fujian". Zhu Xi is the most famous philosopher, thinker, educator, poet and litterateur in ancient China. He created a broad and profound system of Neo Confucianism with the great achievement of Confucius and Mencius, which had a great influence on the Chinese and East Asian Society for more than 700 years after the Southern Song Dynasty.

4. Yueyuhua cave

Yuhuadong national key scenic spot is located 7 kilometers south of Jiangle County, Fujian Province, covering an area of 43 square kilometers. It is famous for its unique karst landform and original subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest landscape. After years of development and construction, it has formed a multi-functional tourism area integrating sightseeing, study, leisure and vacation. Yuhua cave has a history of more than 1700 years. Since Xu Xiake, a famous Traveler in Ming Dynasty, explored and toured, its magical and beautiful landscape has been widely known with the spread of Xu Xiake's travels. Yuhua cave has a total length of 10 Li, including six branches of Canghe, Leigong, fruit, Huangni, Xiyuan and Baiyun. There are more than 160 landscapes, including a fan, immortal field, fruitful, Optimus Prime, jade lady of yaochi, Longgong, Wanjiadenghuo, Golden Rooster singing, and WuGengTian.

5. Ming and Qing garden in Taining

Ming and Qing garden scenic spot is located in the world natural heritage site of Taining, Fujian Province. It is a 'Folk Forbidden City' which mainly collects and displays large-scale ancient buildings and fine wood carving art of various schools in Ming and Qing Dynasties. The total investment is 350 million yuan, and the planned area is about 300 mu. Ming and Qing garden is dedicated to the protection and inheritance of ancient Chinese architecture and woodcarving art and culture. It is also a unique private collection culture Grand View Garden -- the Grand View Garden of ancient folk houses, the Grand View Garden of ancient screen wind and the Grand View Garden of woodcarving culture. There are more than 10 cultural landscapes in the park, such as stone archway, Sima mansion, Juxian hall and Nongdu hall.

6. Tianfang Yuetan ecotourism scenic spot

Located in the valley of gaolai hot spring fracture zone in Songkou Town, Tianfang Yuetan is a hot spring resort. It can be roughly divided into three parts: hot spring area, water park and resort hotel. It's a good choice for leisure and vacation because it can make soup in winter and play with water projects in summer. After entering the hot spring area, you usually soak in the low temperature pool first, and then slowly go to the medium temperature pool and the high temperature pool. Among the many spring pools, the lavender pool with flower fragrance, the milk bath in the beauty pool, the traditional Chinese medicine pool, etc. the small fish pool (30 yuan) is more interesting, and there will be small fish to bite your dead skin.

7. Jianning County Central Soviet Area anti encirclement and suppression Memorial Park

The Central Soviet Area anti encirclement and suppression Memorial Park is located at 49 Xikou street, Xikou Town, Jianning County, covering an area of about 40000 square meters. Formerly known as Jianning revolutionary memorial hall, it was founded in September 1959. In 2007, Jianning county Party committee and county government funded the expansion of Jianning County revolutionary memorial hall, increased the "Central Soviet anti & lsquo; encirclement and suppression & rsquo; large group sculpture", built a new exhibition hall, and renamed it as the "Central Soviet anti & lsquo; encirclement and suppression & rsquo; Memorial Park". There are the former sites of the leading organs of the Red Army, including the former sites of the headquarters, the front Committee and the Political Department of the Red Army, two exhibition halls, one large group sculpture and one office building.

8. Shaxian snack culture city

The snack culture city covers an area of 38000 square meters, with a total construction area of 75000 square meters. The construction of snack culture city adopts the Chinese classical Hui style garden design method, takes the traditional architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasties in Shaxian County as the keynote, the main shape of the fire wall with hollow brick as the feature, the internal space form design with courtyard as the center, forms the central square, which has complete functions such as snack food, leisure and entertainment, tourism and shopping, star rated hotel, etc., and is relatively independent and dynamic Combined landscape series. Shaxian snack culture city has become the largest and most concentrated characteristic catering, tourism and leisure center in Fujian Province with 36 famous and influential businesses, such as snack food, characteristic restaurants, entertainment clubs, teahouses, handicraft shops, local products, etc.

9. Jinnao mountain (Minjiang River source scenic area)

Stay in the cabin with the highest altitude in Fujian Province, enjoy the sunrise in the morning, view the sea of clouds; take the longest mountain cable car in Fujian Province, climb over four mountains, feel the beauty of ten thousand peaks competing for green; walk along the forest path with withered leaves and moss, encounter the male and female waterfall area full of negative oxygen ions; walk on the belt of the highest peak in Bamin, experience the flying in the air... Join the arms of nature Embracing and experiencing the fantastic and fresh journey, Minjiang River source ecotourism zone is the only one. As early as thousands of years ago, it was a good place for king wuzhu of Fujian and Yue, the ancestor of Kaimin, to hunt and play. When Xu Xiake, a geographer of the Ming Dynasty, boarded the mount jinrao, he was deeply impressed by the beautiful scenery here. He praised: 'Wuyi is the best in the world, and jinrao is the first in the southeast. '

10. Qilin Mountain Park

Qilin mountain park is located in the east of Sanming City. It was built in October 1980. Qilin mountain, formerly known as Niulong mountain, is 262 meters above sea level. Because an ancient tomb on the hillside unearthed the inscription of Confucius playing with Qilin, it has changed its name. The park covers an area of 40 hectares and has tourist attractions and facilities such as Qilin Pavilion, cable cableway, dragon swimming, garden in the park, Suzhou Pavilion, Qilin academy and winding paths. There are also Haoran Pavilion, juyun Pavilion, Sanyuan Pavilion, Lianhua Pavilion, Feishi Pavilion, pavilion gallery and so on. The pavilion has three tips, six corners and four sides, with high and low scattered. Qilin Pavilion is built at the highest part of the mountain. It is 24.5m high, 12m wide and octagonal and six story. It has reinforced concrete structure. You can have a panoramic view of the distance and the near.