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There is always one of the top ten tourist attractions in Ningde that you like?

Ningde is located in the east coast of South Fujian, which is a city with convenient transportation. There are many small islands and fishermen's hometown on the coast of the city. Ningde is also a coastal ecotourism and leisure area, where many tourists come to play every year. So, what are the scenic spots in Ningde?

1. Ningde Yuanyang River

Yuanyang river is located in the northeast of Pingnan County, with a total length of 14 kilometers. It is surrounded by deep mountains and dense forests. It is quiet and clean. Every autumn, thousands of Yuanyang live here for winter. There is the only Yuanyang reserve in China. Pingnan is also known as the "hometown of mandarin ducks". Yuanyang river is divided into five tourist areas: Baishuiyang, Yuanyang, Qixi, shuizhuyang, Kaoxi and Yuanyang Lake. Baishuiyang tourist area is located in the upper reaches of Yuanyang river. There are many waterfalls and caves on both sides of the stream, as well as the wonderful "ten mile long street" scenic spot. It is composed of three flat boulders laid on the bottom of the water, and the largest one covers an area of 40000 square meters.

2. Taimu mountain

Located on the coast of the East China Sea in Fuding City, about 45 kilometers away from the south of the city, it stands on the coast of the East China Sea, on the Bank of Qingchuan Bay, surrounded by mountains and seas, with lofty shore, magnificent momentum and unique scenery. It is known as the maritime Fairy capital. It is divided into five scenic spots: Taimu mountain, jiulixi waterfall, Qingchuan seashore, Fuyao islands and sangyuan lake. In addition, there are two scenic spots: lengcheng ancient castle and Ruiyun temple. Mountain scenic area is the main part of Taimu mountain scenic spot, which includes Guoxing temple, huludong, yiwa, Jiuli Chaotian, Xiangshan temple, baiyun temple and Tianmen temple, covering an area of 24.6 square kilometers. In Tang and Song Dynasties, Taimu mountain was very prosperous, with a long history and many ancient temples, leaving many relics of ancient literati.

3. Baishuiyang scenic spot

Also known as xianraki, it is one of the four wonders of Yuanyang River and the upstream scenic spot of Yuanyang river. The three ten thousand meters square on the water has been confirmed by experts organized by the Ministry of construction of the people's Republic of China. It is a rare shallow water square that has been found in the world, so it is known as the "unique scenery of the world". The flat rock bed of the white water ocean is made of one stone, without gravel. The largest area of the three squares is nearly 40000 square meters, and the widest part is 150 meters. The river bed is evenly distributed with no ankle deep water. Under the sun, the water is sparkling and incandescent, so it is called the white water ocean. You can ride a bicycle or drive a car. There are nearly 100 meters wide water arc waterfall, nearly 100 meters of water slide, barebody surfing does not hurt the skin, connected with Yantan beach, is not only a natural surfing place, but also a natural water playground.

4. Baiyun Mountain, Fu'an

Baiyun Mountain is located in the northwest of Fu'an City. It is named after the white clouds. On the west slope of the back peak of Baiyun Mountain, there is the "cold water temple" built in the fourth year of Zhengde (1509) of the Ming Dynasty. In front of the temple is Tianchi, which is rich in lotus at noon. The lotus is very strange. It reaches out of the water at noon every day and blooms. When the flowers are blooming, they crackle and crackle. The flowers are white. Baiyun Mountain has a unique climate. In addition to the ever-changing wonders of the sea of clouds, you can see the rare 'Buddha light' at the top of the immortal peak. The temperature in the mountain is 6-8 degrees lower than the outside world, which is a good place for tourism and summer vacation. Around Baiyun Mountain, there are such scenic spots as liyuxi, Baxianguohai, jiulongdong, Suoquan temple, Empress Dowager's hall, wudiangdi palace, etc. There are often macaques in the scenic spot. There is a secondary waterfall at Jiulong cave, with a drop of 80 meters. The waterfall goes through the pool and into the stone. Liyuxi here is comparable to that of Zhouning.

5. Liyuxi

The tour guide is located in Puyuan village, Zhouning County, about 5 kilometers away from the county seat. This paper introduces the quiet flow of liyuxi through Puyuan village. There are thousands of carp swimming in the stream with a length of more than 500 meters and a width of only a few meters. According to the local historical records, the ancestors established rules to raise carp in the stream, and also formulated the clan rules to prohibit fishing and hurting carp. The villagers strictly abide by the clan rules and passed them on from generation to generation. Today, such a beautiful carp stream has been formed. The carp in the stream is very close to people. When they hear the voice and see the figure, they will come closer and shake their heads and tail. If they throw food into the stream, the carp will jump and compete for food.

6. Zhitishan National Forest Park

Guide: located 50 kilometers northwest of Ningde City, 127 kilometers away from Fuzhou, it is the main part of Huotong mountain. In Sanskrit, "Zhi ti" means "gather in Ford". According to the Buddhist Classic Huayan Sutra, "there is a mountain named Zhiti in the southeast, and there is a saying that Tianguan Bodhisattva and his family members live for a thousand people." it is also said that "less than Zhiti, they will become monks.". There are four tourist areas on the mountain, namely, Zhiti Shengchang (Zhiti Temple), Yingzhou water percussion, Huotong cave and naroyan cave. The Zhiti temple was built in 971 for Qian Chu, the king of Wuyue. There are many rare treasures in the temple, such as Yongle of Ming Dynasty, the iron Buddha of "thousand holy crowns" granted by Wanli emperor, the bronze Buddha of "gilded dapilu", the five clawed Golden Dragon purple clothes, and the northern scriptures. Since the Ming Dynasty, this place has been known as "Xianchao Buddha cave".

7. Kowloon falls

It is 13 kilometers southeast of Zhouning county. Here, there are beautiful peaks and deep canyons. Longjiang River Falls between the cliffs and cliffs, forming a nine level waterfall group. According to the determination of relevant departments, the total fall of the waterfall is about 300m, of which the fall of the first level waterfall is about 47m, the width of the waterfall is 76m, and the width of the waterfall in the wet season is up to 83m. The waves splashed by the waterfall are more than 10 meters high, and the water mist is still filled 100 meters away. At the top right of the waterfall, there is a cave with a diameter of more than 10 meters. It appears in the middle of the waterfall and is called "longan" by the local people. The third and fourth level waterfalls have a drop of 7 meters and a width of more than 50 meters; the fifth level waterfalls are divided into two parts by a boulder, also known as "Longya waterfall".

8. Yangzhong ancient town

Yangzhong ancient town is located in the west of Jiaocheng District, Ningde City, Fujian Province. The provincial road Ninggu line runs through the territory. The town is 340 meters above sea level, with mild climate, abundant rainfall and beautiful mountains and rivers. It is the center of politics, economy, culture, education and transportation in the west of Jiaocheng District. It is a livable town mainly focusing on ecological agriculture and processing industry, integrating commerce, tourism and leisure. It is known as the beauty of "Jiaocheng Haoxi township" Reputation. Yangzhong ancient town is a collection of Yangzhong River, Dongshan River and Chenyang river. The town is surrounded by the Southeast Shemai of Jiufeng Mountain range. The peaks are of different shapes, forming landscapes such as' Panlong green lion ',' white elephant drinking water 'and' - squatting distance '. The ancient town has rich cultural heritage.

9. Ningde East Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Spot

East Lake Water Conservancy Scenic Spot in Ningde starts from Jinma seawall to golden snake head Wharf in the East, Funing North Road in the west, Tashan road to Nanhu binlu in the south, and Mindong middle road to Beihu binlu in the north. The total area is 4.48 square kilometers, of which the water area is 2.91 square kilometers, including the landscape of "one lake, two banks and three mountains", such as Huandong Hunan, Beian Park and Damen mountain, Wugui mountain and Jinshe mountain. The wetland area of the scenic spot is wide, and it is an ideal place for waterfowl to forage and perch. Twenty five hole sluice and Jinma seawall are important parts of flood control and dampproof engineering in Ningde central city and lifeline of protecting central city.

10. Shangjinbei 'Chinese shejia village'

Located in Shangjinbei village, Jinhan She nationality township, Jiaocheng District, Ningde City, Fujian Province, Shangjinbei scenic spot is 6 kilometers away from the center of Ningde City, 325 meters above sea level, with beautiful scenery. It is a demonstration site of new socialist countryside and rural tourism in Fujian Province, a village with national ethnic characteristics, a civilized and ecological village in the whole country, a four-star rural tourism business unit and a national scenic spot in Fujian Province. This village is a pure administrative village of She nationality with rich customs and a long cultural history. There are Emperor Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty, Jinbei temple, Jinbei Shiqi temple, etc. Self driving route: Ningde City drives about 5 kilometers along national highway 104 to Shangjinbei scenic spot.