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What are the suitable places to play with children in Shanghai?

Shanghai is a modern metropolis, and its fast-paced lifestyle has attracted many young people. So, what are the suitable places for children to play in Shanghai?

1. Baoyan paradise

The flagship store of Shanghai Baoyan paradise is located at No. 11, Lane 3825, metropolitan Road, Minhang District, and will be opened on August 12. The first indoor constant temperature water park in Mordor has been built in the park, covering an area of 20000 ㎡. Baoyan paradise has many theme activity areas, such as water park, slide Park, animal park, light and shadow Park, etc., so there is no need to change the venue for eating, drinking and playing all day.

2. Small town on Tuesday

The town is the first children's social role experience center in China on Monday, providing a series of realistic social scenes and workplace role plays for 3-13-year-old children. Imitation is children's nature, and their existing life experience is the most fundamental foundation for them to establish their interest in games. Observing and imitating adults is their first step to understand society. Improve 4 key abilities, cheer for growth! Hands on ability: hands on is children's mind gymnastics. The self-help and self operated work designed for children on Monday is of great benefit to intelligence development, self-care ability, problem-solving ability and independent personality cultivation.

3. Jinshan City Beach

Jinshan City Beach is located in the North Bank of Hangzhou Bay and the south end of Jinshan District, with a total length of about 2km, extending slowly from northeast to southwest, named for its close proximity to the urban area. The total length of the City Beach is 3529 meters, and the area of the Baotan dam is 1.5 square kilometers. By using the method of high water and hidden dike, the turbid East China Sea is isolated and a clear blue sea water is created. Jinshan City Beach is a city scenery coastline integrating sea view, sea interest, sea music and sea rhyme, and also a bright scenery line full of romance, fantasy and reverie. Jinshan City Beach adopts physical precipitation, biological degradation, artificial wave making, natural circulation treatment, supplemented by land rainwater collection system and water animal and plant chain, to scientifically transform the beach and create a Jinsha green water city landscape shoreline.

4. Happy Valley

Shanghai Happy Valley, the first chain theme park brand in China and a national 4A tourist attraction, is located in Sheshan National Tourist Resort, Songjiang, Shanghai. It is a masterpiece invested 4 billion yuan by OCT Group. Covering an area of 650000 square meters, the park has more than 100 rich and colorful experience projects suitable for all ages. It is one of the theme parks with the largest area, the highest scientific and technological content, the most advanced amusement facilities and the richest cultural activities in China.

5. Nature Museum

Shanghai Museum of nature is one of the largest natural museums in China. With the theme of nature, human and harmony, the Shanghai Museum of nature presents 10 permanent exhibition areas, including the mystery of origin, the long river of life, the way of evolution, the exploration of the earth, the colorful life, the ecological Vientiane, the wisdom of survival, the edge of human and land, the story of Shanghai and the road to the future, as well as a temporary exhibition hall and 4D cinema through the three main lines of evolution movement, the picture of life and the epic of civilization , Exploration Center and other supporting functional areas.

6. Shanghai Disneyland

Disneyland, which is the favorite of children, also has the big Disney cartoon characters. This is a place to go in this life, no matter how many times you still want to go. Walk into Disneyland, sit once with the children on the "Fantasia carousel", watch a bright fireworks and gorgeous light, let a familiar fairy tale become a reality.

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