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What are the suitable places to take photos in Shenzhen?

When it comes to Shenzhen, many people's first reaction is to live a fast-paced life in a developed city & hellip; & hellip; but in fact, Shenzhen also hides many places of art that are super suitable for taking photos. So, which places in Shenzhen are more suitable for taking photos?

I. Shenzhen Contemporary Art Museum

This place is known as the most cool new landmark in Shenzhen. Stop here, as if entering another world, time and space are still beautiful. The changeable space construction is full of a strong sense of future and design. It's a blockbuster at any time.

The buildings around the contemporary art museum are not as close as those in other cities. The road surface is very spacious. There are enough pedestrian roads and bicycle roads. This will make people feel very comfortable. It's just hard legs.

Address: No.184, Fuzhong Road, Futian District (exit A1 of subway Youth Palace Station)

Opening time: 10:00-17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday, closed at 16:30

Admission information: free admission with ID card

II. He Xiangning Art Museum

Instagram has a lot of 'red tone' photos taken in He Xiangning Art Museum, and they are close to Shenzhen Contemporary Art Museum, so we can go together.

He Xiangning Art Museum is the first National Art Museum named after an individual in China, and the second national modern museum after China Art Museum.

At the entrance of the art museum, the contents of the recent exhibition will be displayed. Compared with the contents of the exhibition, the book collection here has a deep memory. It's easy to indulge in every line of words that need to be carefully studied and interpreted.

If you can, it is also a valuable decision to spend 3 hours in He Xiangning Art Museum.

Address: 9013, Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District

Opening time: Tuesday to Sunday: 9:30-17:00 (closed at 16:30), closed on Monday (except holidays)

Admission: Free

3. Shenzhen Software Industry Base

It's a good place to take photos. It's full of industrial wind. If you want to enter the building, you can take the elevator next to it.

You can take a very artistic picture of industrial wind and look up at the theme of blue sky~

Address: No.6 Reclamation Zone, Nanshan High tech Zone

IV. satellite building

The satellite building is a commercial comprehensive office building. Due to the unique design style of the building, many people come to punch in and take photos.

The atrium above is on the 7th floor of the satellite building. After entering the satellite building, I took the elevator directly to the 7th floor to visit. There was no one there.

There's an aviation weather company on the top floor. No one. Take more photos. From the top to the bottom, the atrium is quite spectacular, and the soft wavy line overlaps layers of regular feeling.

Transportation: get off Keyuan station of Metro Line 2

V. mechanical and electrical College of Shenzhen University

Opposite the satellite building is the South Campus of Shenzhen University. It seems that the south campus is the site of science and engineering building. After entering the south campus, you can see the mechanical and electrical college directly.

There is a nice rotating staircase here. You can ask the specific location of the security guard.

The teaching building in the south campus is very beautiful.

Address: No. 3688, Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District

Vi. Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University is located in Nanshan peninsula of Shenzhen City, facing Houhai, facing Hong Kong from afar. It is one of the top ten historical buildings in the special economic zone. It has won the first prize of national campus architectural design.

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Address: No. 3688, Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District

VII. South China Sea yiku

This is one of the top ten creative parks in Shenzhen, which is reconstructed from the old factory buildings. The walls are covered with all kinds of green plants. The tree lined path will make you feel comfortable~

Along the way, you can see art cafes, artworks and graffiti made of tires. The park is not big, the key is that there are few people.

Address: intersection of Taizi Road, Nanshan District

VIII. F518 fashion creative park

This is also a creative park. It also has a strong sense of literature and art. As soon as you enter the park, you can feel a little fresh feeling of literature and art.

Most of the creative parks are design companies, so there are not many people in the daytime, so they are suitable for taking photos. There are also cafes and bars.

Address: f518 fashion creative park, Baoyuan Road, Shenzhen

IX. OCT Creative Park

OCT creative park is also a creative park, which is divided into two zones, North and south. It is also the gathering point of culture and youth.

You can go to explore this old paradise bookstore. The whole bookstore is also full of nostalgia. There are many vinyl records in the bookstore. The bookstore will launch cultural exchanges and music performances from time to time.

Address: Kaiping street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

X. Dafen Oil Painting Village

Dafen Oil Painting Village, just like its name, mainly develops oil painting industry, so bee bees interested in oil painting can come to take pictures~

This is the paradise for artists. If you want to learn painting, you can apply for classes here, or buy your favorite oil paintings and take them home~

Similarly, such a place with artistic atmosphere is also very suitable for taking photos. It's good to choose any angle!

Address: Buji village, Buji Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen