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How many scenic spots have you been to?

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Confucius Temple in Qinhuai River Gongyuan, Nanjing

The first stop is the Confucius Temple, which is located in the Qinhuai River Gongyuan in Nanjing. People here say that the Confucius Temple was built in a single door to commemorate Confucius. If you want to experience it in a scenic area with profound cultural background, it should be a good choice here. Because of its excellent geographical location, it is close to the Qinhuai River. It's also a different taste to visit the Qinhuai River at night. In the night, the lights on the bank are bright, and the boats decorated with colorful lights are rowing slowly across the river. The river and the boat are so harmonious that they want to sing a poem by boat. Although most of the buildings here are ancient, the street full of peddlers and the ancient buildings can be perfectly combined. There is a lot of people flow every day, which is a feeling of temple fair. Every year during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, there is an unprecedented Qinhuai Lantern Festival. If you are lucky, you can enjoy this rare intangible cultural heritage.

DaLian Laohutan Ocean Park

The second stop is Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park. This amusement park covers an area of more than one million square meters. Not only can you enjoy the polar scenery, but also many precious polar bears, penguins, belugas, seals and other animals. In this way, you can see the shocking marine animals without going to the Antarctic and the Arctic. Of course, there is also a large coral Museum. You can have a look at the indescribable corals in the museum. Different kinds of corals from all over the world can be seen here.

DaLian Laohutan Ocean Park

It's the epitome of the world. Polar scenery, various precious marine animals and plants gather here. If these can't attract you, you can go to tiger sculpture square to have a look. The square area is very large. There are six giant tiger sculptures of different shapes standing in the square, each of which is lifelike. After watching for a long time, I'm afraid that these northeast tiger sculptures will come to me alive, which is enough to see the verisimilitude of the sculpture.

Hongya Cave Scenic Spot

Another is the Hongya Cave Scenic Area in Chongqing. The reason why it is a hot tourist attraction is that the landscape here is similar to the scenes depicted by Hayao Miyazaki's anime. The scenic spot is built on the mountain, with typical stilts as the main architectural style, but it has strong Chongqing characteristics. We can't see anything special here in the daytime, but when night falls, the scenic spot is decorated with colorful lights and has a gorgeous feeling of palace, which is definitely the representative building of Chongqing.

The reason why these popular scenic spots become wanghong scenic spot is either because of its long cultural heritage or because of its uniqueness. In any case, you should visit these scenic spots in this life.