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When is the best time to travel to Taiwan? List of Taiwan travel emergency call

With more and more open and free travel cities in Taiwan, many people begin to choose to go to Taiwan for self-help travel. Whether it's around the island or on separate lines, it's necessary to choose the time to travel to Taiwan. We all know that there are some emergencies in tourism. What have we done? When is the best time to travel to Taiwan?

Best travel time in Taiwan

April and may are the rainy season in Taiwan. The air is very humid, sultry and rainy.

From September to November every year), the weather is sunny and cool, which is a good season for tourism.

June to October is the typhoon season, and July to September is the most frequent.

Medical care

Kaohsiung Rongmin General Hospital (07) 3422121

Zhonghe Memorial Hospital attached to Kaohsiung Medical College (07) 3121101

Chengda hospital (06) 2353535

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital (03) 8574885

Taida hospital (02) 23123456

Taipei Army General Hospital (02) 87923311

Taipei Rongmin General Hospital (02) 28712121

Taipei Changgeng hospital (02) 27135211

Emergency call

Tourism Service Center: 02-2717-3737

Call center 24-hour tourism consultation hotline: 0800-011-765

Fire alarm: 119

Police: 110

Emergency line: 112

Traffic report: 168

Foreign Affairs Section of the police department: 02-2321-3175

Weather forecast query: 02-2349-1234

Taiwan Tourism Association: (02) 2594-3261