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What are the specialties of Luoyang? To visit Luoyang, you must buy a collection of special products

Luoyang has a civilization history of more than 5000 years, a city history of 4000 years and a capital history of more than 1500 years. There are 105 emperors who have established Jiuzhou here. At the same time, the annual Peony Fair also attracts many tourists to Luoyang. When you come to Luoyang, you will find that there are many specialties in Luoyang. There are many kinds of handicrafts and local specialties. So, what are the specialties of Luoyang?


Luoyang eight

The eight items in Luoyang are the traditional delicacies in Luoyang. They are Shuangma crisp, sesame crisp, sweet salted cake, nut crisp, egg roll crisp, peanut crisp, Jinma jujube and egg yolk crisp. They are rich in varieties and delicious. Which one to eat is good, which one to tangle up! It is said that buying a set of old eight pieces to give home to relatives and friends is the most suitable, delicious and lucky thing. How can you miss this kind of good thing!


Peony cake

Luoyang's peony is famous all over the world. Every year, Luoyang peony festival attracts a large number of tourists to see the rich flowers. In Luoyang, peony can not only see, but also eat. This peony cake is made of peony petals. It's so fresh! Want to eat very much! It is said that the peony cake is not only fresh, but also nutritious, leaving a lingering fragrance after a bite. Buy a box of peony cake to give home to relatives and friends, it is absolutely the best choice!


Du Kang liquor

Dukang wine in Luoyang is a famous historical wine. Most of the ancient literati and poets are addicted to wine. Wine is a catalyst. There is no good poem where there is no good wine. Wine helps poetry to flourish. The wine is mixed and the wine is out of order. Cao Cao once wrote a poem: "be generous and unforgettable; how to relieve your worries? Only Dukang". It can be seen that Dukang wine was a famous wine at that time! This kind of wine with fragrance for thousands of years will be a good choice whether it's a song for the moon or a gift for the elders.


Peony Tea

Peony tea, I don't seem to be interested, but if you see it, you will definitely be interested. In Luoyang huawang peony is absolutely a legend, not only can see, can eat, but also bubble! After the fresh treatment of peony tea, put it into the cup. When the boiling water is poured into the cup, the whole flower instantly blooms in the cup, and the fragrance overflows. In the afternoon of leisure, make a cup of peony tea, cozy and comfortable.


Folding fan

In the hot summer in the streets of Luoyang old street, a bowl of hot soup is not turned over. Although the soup is delicious, the whole person is sweating well! At this time, you may as well buy a folding fan of Luoyang. When you are full of food and drink, shake the folding fan to be happy. Luoyang's meticulous painting, peony folding fan, is a rare good thing. Each fan is unique. Collectors who like traditional Chinese painting might as well go to the calligraphy and painting market in Wangcheng park for a walk. Maybe they can find famous paintings!


Luo embroidery

A small embroidery needle can embroider such exquisite patterns, ranging from drama costumes to tablecloths, pillowcases and other daily necessities. It is said that even foreigners can't let go of it when they see it, and even thumbs up, we can see the exquisite degree of Luo embroidery. Buy a Luo embroidered tablecloth to spread on the tea table at home, and then make a pot of peony tea, which shows the sentiment of petty bourgeoisie, and immediately the high-end atmosphere is up to grade!


Peony porcelain

See the magnificent Luoyang peony in the city, do you want to take it home? Luoyang Peony porcelain can meet your needs. Luoyang's peony porcelain vividly represents the original appearance of peony in full bloom. It is vivid and natural. Layers of petals unfold naturally. It is as thin as paper, with clear texture and exquisite delicacy. It was also given to foreign leaders as a national gift! It's said that it's great to bring a peony porcelain back to Luoyang and give it to relatives and friends!


Chengni inkstone

Like stationery friends see, Chengni inkstone needless to say, one of the four famous inkstones. Chengni inkstone has been loved by emperors and literati for thousands of years. Many great calligraphers have a special interest in it, which shows its position in stationery. Nowadays, due to the scarcity of good raw materials, the top grade Chengni inkstone is hard to find. However, friends who like the collection of study rooms should not be discouraged when they come to Luoyang. If chance coincides with fate and meet a good inkstone, it is not perfect to take it back!