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What are the special snacks in Luoyang? You can't miss these 10 kinds when you come to Luoyang

Speaking of Luoyang, we all know that it is a famous historical city. In such a historical background, there are countless snacks in Luoyang, which are extremely delicious. When you come to Luoyang, you must eat Luoyang water mat. It is recommended to eat lotus soup pork slices, peony swallows, and a fried ball. Soup dishes are tofu soup, meatball soup and donkey soup. So, what are the special snacks in Luoyang?

1. Luoyang no turning soup

Luoyang has a history of more than 120 years. Liu Zhensheng, founder of Luoyang bufantang. Now it has been passed down to three generations, Liu Hulan, in his 70s. The authentic Luoyang is not recommended to the old city garden. Luoyang does not turn over the characteristics of soup: pure taste, hot and sour sharp mouth, oil but not greasy, unique.

2. Luoyang water mat

Luoyang water mat is a unique traditional famous food in Luoyang area. There are two meanings: one is that all hot dishes have soup soup water; the other is that one hot dish Luoyang water table is finished, and then another hot dish is added after withdrawal, which is constantly updated like water. Luoyang water table is characterized by meat and vegetable, wide selection of materials, simplicity and complexity, diverse taste, acid, spicy, sweet and salty, comfortable and delicious.

3. Spicy soup

The main ingredients of the authentic hot Hu soup are beef soup, beef, with peanuts, gluten, bean skin, vermicelli, cauliflower, kelp, etc. the seasoning generally includes pepper powder, five spice powder, pepper powder, etc. vinegar and sesame oil are added when eating.

4. Carp leaping over the dragon's gate

The Yellow River carp is tender, delicious and nutritious. The carp made from the Yellow River carp jumps into the dragon's gate. It has a beautiful shape. A carp in the dish heads up as if it is about to jump into the dragon's gate. This dish implies auspiciousness, delicacy and taste, and is quite interesting in the mountains and wild.

5. Camellia oleifera

The production of oil tea is not complicated. Put the noodles in the wok, stir fry, stir fry, and water into batter. Sit on the fire, when the water is boiling, slowly lower the batter into the pot, stir with chopsticks while lowering the pot, add salt, pepper noodles and other seasonings to the consistency, and roll for a while. When drinking, add a spoonful of sesame paste and put in the fruit.

6. Donkey soup

Donkey meat soup is made of donkey meat, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper water, etc. The soup is rich in flavor, delicious in taste and high in nutritional value. It has the functions of nourishing blood and Qi, relieving fatigue, etc. It is a famous Luoyang snack for men, women, old and young.

7. Noodles

Noodles are made of green soymilk, flour, soybeans and celery. It has unique sour taste, salty and palatable taste, appetizer digestion and popular characteristic famous food.

8. Fried bean curd

It is made by adding starch and water into the paste, then cooking and cooling. It's a traditional snack with crystal clear, tender, smooth and refreshing taste, strong fragrance and taste, relieving summer heat and thirst, and excellent nutrition.

9. Tofu brain

Tofu brain is made of soybean, water, starch and tofu. It is smooth, tender, nutritious, easy to absorb and delicious. It has the functions of clearing away heat and moistening dryness, promoting body fluid to quench thirst, cleaning intestines and stomach, etc.

10. Beef soup

Beef soup is made by boiling beef bones, butter, spices and so on. The soup is delicious, full-bodied and tender. Luoyang, the capital of soup, is famous for its soup, while beef soup is a favorite. The most characteristic breakfast, beef soup is rich in nutritional value. It can not only clean the stomach, but also improve immunity. It is a protein food. The area of the beef soup shop is not large, the soup is rich and the production is fine, which is also the enduring place of Luoyang beef soup.