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What are the precautions for Shenzhen Tourism? Remember 14 things about Shenzhen travel

Shenzhen is one of the four first tier cities in China. The biggest difference between Shenzhen and the top three cities is the word "new". Shenzhen is really a very young and 'new' city. It has no profound history. Most of the tourist attractions in Shenzhen are post processed, but they are also unique. Therefore, there are many tourists to Shenzhen. So, what are the precautions for traveling to Shenzhen?

1. Most people in Shenzhen speak Cantonese, but the new generation of Guangdong can basically use Mandarin, so there is no big obstacle to go to Guangdong Tourism language.

2. The beach in summer in Shenzhen is attractive, with green water, blue sky and bright sunshine. You can come here to enjoy surfing, bungee jumping and sunbathing. The sea water flushes away the heat, bringing you a fresh and relaxed mood.

3. The diet in Shenzhen is inseparable from tea. It is actually a disguised meal. Every restaurant, hotel and teahouse has morning, afternoon and evening tea. Tea drinking is also connected with business negotiation, news listening and meeting friends.

4. Shenzhen citizens have a traditional custom: when cicadas are singing and litchi is fragrant, relatives and friends at home and abroad should be invited to come to litchi garden to taste, that is, to pick and eat. It not only tasted the unique delicacy of fresh litchi, but also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of litchi Township, by which we could communicate feelings, enhance friendship, exchange information and reach consensus. Litchi Festival is developed according to this traditional custom.

5. Shenzhen Longgang, named after dragon, is a famous Longxiang at home and abroad. Hakka people in this area have always regarded dragon as mascot. They have the traditional habit of dancing dragon, lion and unicorn on New Year's day or festival day, adding festive and joyful atmosphere to the festival.

6. The traffic condition of Shenzhen highway is not as good as that of Shanghai. Because Shenzhen is limited by mountains and topography, there are many turns of expressways and ordinary highways, it is necessary to pay attention to the road condition and all kinds of signs on the highway to avoid traffic accidents.

7. The quality of accommodation in Shenzhen is quite good, and the facilities are available. However, during the golden period of tourism, the occupancy rate of each hotel is very high. If you travel to Shenzhen at this time, you need to book a room before you leave. Otherwise, it will be difficult to stay there.

8. Prices in Shenzhen are relatively high in China. Guangzhou is second and Zhuhai is relatively cheap. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase some popular commodities such as clothes, perfume and cigarettes in Guangdong and Hong Kong, and buy them at some duty-free shops in Zhuhai.

9. When serving, the chicken head should be facing the elders; when treating the fish, do not put the fish back to the host; when eating with the crew, fishermen and drivers, do not turn over the fish; do not insert the chopsticks directly on the rice; do not knock the dishes with chopsticks; do not order seven courses; do not say to others: 'have you finished? '

10. Burning dragon is a folk activity with a long history in Guangdong. The Lantern Festival in Guangdong is very lively. People will gather at the Dragon Dance ground at the festival night and watch the Dragon burning performance under the loud noise of the artillery battle.

11. Tourists should never believe the peddling behavior of any street vendor, and do not ask for prices or chat up casually when they are not interested, so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts and disputes.

12. When you go to travel and rest, please lock the doors and windows. When you go out, take valuables with you or keep them in the safe of the hotel. Do not leave valuables in the room.

13. When shopping in Shenzhen, you must compare goods and bargain. There must be more than one thing you want. Only when you buy something cheap and beautiful can you experience the fun of shopping in Shenzhen.

14. There are also many ethnic minorities living in Shenzhen. Most ethnic minorities have different religious beliefs and customs. As the saying goes: do as the Romans do. When entering the minority areas for tourism, we should respect their traditional customs and taboos in life, and we should not ignore the etiquette and customs or hurt their national self-esteem due to careless actions.