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What are the famous resorts in China? Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai resort list announced

Nowadays, working people are facing more and more pressure. The fast-paced urban life can be said to make many people physically and mentally tired. At the same time, life in big cities is very busy and fast-paced. You can go to a resort to relax your body and mind on weekends or small holidays to relieve your brain. So, what are the famous resorts in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai? Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai resort ranking list will be announced for you

I. Chenxi, Shangyu

Chenxi in Shangyu is a forgotten paradise. Few people know its beautiful scenery. There are camphor trees, Ginkgo biloba and terraced fields with beautiful natural scenery. When you come here, you will be in a good mood. When you come here, you can feel Jiangnan mountains and rivers and small bridges and flowing water people. When you breathe fresh air, you can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape.

II. Jinxi, Jiangsu

Jinxi, Jiangsu Province is located in the southwest corner of Kunshan City, which is suitable for leisure and vacation. It is a beautiful place in the list of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai resorts. There are many places of interest and rich historical and cultural deposits here. It is still a historical and cultural town with a simple style of Jiangnan Water Town. It is the best from September to November every year.

III. Xianju Gongyu

Xianju Gongyu is known as Shangri La in the south of the Yangtze River, surrounded by picturesque peaks. Come here can be far away from the noise of the city to an outdoor paradise like beautiful place to enjoy a happy holiday. Gongyu scenic area is famous for its towering. You can hear the sound of waterfalls here. It's a great mood to watch the waterfalls.

IV. Tianmu Mountain in Lin'an

Tianmu Mountain in Lin'an is a place with beautiful natural landscape and long cultural history. It is a good place for leisure, summer vacation and field mountaineering. The surrounding scenic spots include Kaishan old hall, Chanyuan temple, Prince's nunnery, Dashu king, five generations in one hall and other scenic spots. The characteristic folk activities include spring tea meeting and horse lantern jumping.

V. Tianmu Lake Yushui Hot Spring Resort

Tianmu Lake Yushui hot spring resort is a 5A level hot spring resort. It has beautiful scenery, lush bamboo sea surrounded by mountains and fresh air. It's very enjoyable to come here for hot springs in winter. The whole floor glass and large landscape balcony can provide a panoramic view of the scenery. This hot spring resort is characterized by a hot spring beside the bamboo sea, which allows you to enjoy the fun of hot springs, and a spa with recuperation function has a good effect on beauty and skin care.

Vi. Tangshan Ziqing Lake Ecological Hot Spring Resort

Tangshan Ziqing Lake Ecological hot spring resort is a good place for winter leisure and vacation. It is a real forest hot spring with natural mountains and rivers. There are many kinds of hot spring pools, such as small fish pond, rose pond, waterfall pond and mineral sand pond. The hot spring area is full of smoke, trees and beautiful scenery. The hot spring water contains many trace elements that can beautify and moisturize the skin.

7. Changzhou Huadu hot spring water city

Changzhou Huadu hot spring water city is a hot spring resort integrating leisure and entertainment. There are many hot spring medicine pools on the hills with pleasant and fluctuating scenery in this hot spring resort. There are such play items as the ginseng pool, aloe pool, wolfberry pool and Aiye pool, such as the lukewarm spring, peacock Island leisure area, performance hall, etc.

VIII. Tianmu Lake Hantian resort, Liyang

Hantian resort, Tianmu Lake, Liyang is a beautiful place. You can enjoy hot springs, barbecue and wine here. It's suitable for friends' gathering. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful lakeside scenery around in Hantian peninsula. It's a very comfortable holiday and enjoy life.

IX. 77 fumigate Island Resort

It's like walking to a European town. It's a very romantic place with beautiful environment. It is located at No. 999, wuzhu Road, Songjiang District. This place is surrounded by water. You can see the purple lavender sea and 13 white European style cabins. It's a good place for taking photos and dating.

X. Huanxiu Xiaozhu health resort

Huanxiu Xiaozhu health resort is a place with beautiful environment and a good place for leisure. The first health Valley Hot Spring in East China, Tianyi hot spring and children's Park, as well as Tianrong health club, yicuixuan tea garden and other facilities are well received by many customers.