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Ten scenic spots around Xiamen can be called ten beautiful natural pictures

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the convenience of transportation, many people begin to enjoy life. Traveling has become a way of most leisure. Xiamen has always been the first choice for people to travel. So, what are the necessary scenic spots around Xiamen? What can't be missed?

I. cloud and water ballad

Yunshuiyao is a very beautiful mountain village among the ten scenic spots that must be played around Xiamen, where there are thousands of years old banyan trees, green mountains and waters, approaching them as if you are in the painting. If you want to feel the most comfortable and real natural environment, then this kind of scenery will be a good choice.

Two, Guan Zhi *

* Guan Zi is a very suitable place for self driving tours. The characteristic Danxia landform is very good. The air is the most competitive place in the scenic spot. It can be completely away from the noise of the city, and the excellent environment will not feel tired for several hours.

III. ancient mountains

The ancient mountain is simply a very simple village, among which the ancient camphor with a thousand years history stands at the head of the village. The zigzag stone path makes people feel very good. Even the air is very fresh. It is a very good place for vacation, leisure and relaxation.

Four, Xiapu

Xiapu's beauty can only be understood by experiencing it. People will not want to leave when they go to all kinds of picturesque scenery, especially Beiqi, which is rated as one of the photography resorts. It attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year.

Five, West Street

West Street belongs to Quanzhou around Xiamen, where there are ancient wooden buildings, with people living on the upper floor and various shops on the lower floor. Therefore, it is a scenic spot with both ancient and modern styles, with the focus on the surrounding snacks and various breakfast shops.

Vi. dajinhu

Among the ten scenic spots that must be played around Xiamen, Dajin lake is the place where you can see the most beautiful Danxia on the water. It's almost a four-hour trip. The scenery of each place is quite good. The wind blowing from the mountains around Dajin lake is extremely cool and comfortable, which is worth visiting.

VII. Shibachongxi

Shibachongxi is a very popular and classic hiking route in the whole Fujian Province. It's super beautiful. It's called the natural oxygen bar environment. It's very suitable for summer to avoid summer. It's also a good experience if you have a small structure partner to bubble your feet beside the stream!

8. Yushan Island

Yushan Island, a scenic spot with extremely beautiful natural scenery, can make people feel the grassland in the southeast coastal area. There are not many ordinary tourists here, many of them are not developed, and the whole environment is like a paradise.

IX. Dongshan Island

Dongshan Island is a scenic spot that many people are familiar with. It's necessary to go there. You can feel the most beautiful sea view here. At the same time, it's a place of great value like Fengdong stone. At night, all kinds of seafood stalls here can satisfy your stomach.

X. gumingyan

Gumingyan has a long history in the ten scenic spots that must be played around Xiamen. The beautiful scenery is at a super high altitude. It has many mountains and peaks. On the mountain, there are also points worth visiting, such as fir, bamboo and orchard. Walking on the rugged path, the scenery is really beautiful as fairyland.