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What specialties can Xiamen take away? Xiamen's top ten specialties

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, people also have free money to start enjoying life. Traveling is something that many people will do. Many people will bring home some special products when they travel, especially to Xiamen, a popular tourist city, where there are many special products worth starting with. So, what specialties can Xiamen take away?

I. Gulong soy sauce

Among the top ten specialties that can be taken away by Gulong food in Xiamen, the products belong to the time-honored brands in Xiamen, especially the soy sauce of Gulong family, which is well-known, and its soy sauce arena has also obtained the certification of Guinness world record. Of course, in addition to soy sauce, Gulong meat sauce is also very worthy of entering!

2. Huangze and pineapple crispy

Huang zehe is a well-known time-honored brand in Xiamen. When it comes to Huang zehe, most people think of his peanut soup. In fact, in addition to peanut soup, Huang zehe and his brand are still innovating new products in recent years. His pineapple crisp, sweet potato and orange cake all have a strong Xiamen flavor!

III. Huang Shengji pork breast

Huang Shengji has a history of more than 100 years. What his family is most worth taking away is the pork shop and the meat pine. The pork pine in his family tastes very fragrant. It's thin and almost transparent. It can really tempt people.

IV. Tongan fengrou

What's the popularity of tong'anfeng meat in Xiamen? It's understood that tong'anfeng meat will not be less in the banquets of every family in Xiamen. It tastes very crispy and full of fragrance. It looks fat, but it won't be greasy at all. At present, there are boxes in Xiamen supermarkets to take away.

V. ginger duck

As a well-known domestic delicacy, ginger duck is mainly made in casserole. The stewed duck meat tastes delicious at the entrance. Now there are bags in Xiamen for sale. Although the taste will be a little different from the current one, it is still worth tasting.

Six. Pie

Pies can be seen everywhere in the top ten specialties that Xiamen can take away. It would be a pity to bring some pies with you when you go to Xiamen. At present, the taste of local pies is very much, such as chestnut, coconut and other popular flavors, with the emphasis on the price being very reasonable!

VII. Dry marine products

As Xiamen is rich in seafood, all kinds of dried seafood are worth starting with. There are basically small bags in Xiamen, so it's very convenient to take them away. Moreover, the elaborate processing method of dried seafood is very good in taste.

VIII. Horseshoe pastry

Horseshoe cake is really delicious to explode when it's just out of the oven. Of course, the taste is not different after that. The popularity of horseshoe cake can be seen everywhere in the local streets. The salty and fragrant horseshoe cake is very good as a companion gift. It's good to resist the temptation. Don't eat it before you go home!

Fish skin peanut

Fish skin peanuts have always captured people's hearts in Xiamen. They are indispensable in daily snacks and wine tables. It's very pleasant to take a little back to meet three or two good friends while eating and chatting!

X. inch jujube crispy

Cun jujube cake is one of the ten specialties that Xiamen can take away. It's a must-have food for the local new year. It's sweet and crisp. It's a sweet friend who likes sweet food. It's no exaggeration to say that if you eat it, you will be deeply attracted by it. If you match it with a cup of tea, it's just the choice for a happy life!