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What are the souvenirs with Wuhan characteristics? These six kinds of products can be regarded as ex

Nowadays many people like to travel. After traveling, I always bring some souvenirs to my family and friends. I also want to express our feelings and trust our friendship with them in this gift. So people who come to Wuhan always hope to bring them different Wuhan characteristic gifts and send them different friendship! So, what are the souvenirs of Wuhan?

1. Duck neck: the pepper in Wuhan is unforgettable, especially in the production of duck neck. Jingwu duck neck is spicy, full-bodied, tender and delicious. The spicy flavor is not so hot as to make people cry, but strong and slowly spread in the mouth, making people want to repeat that feeling.

2. Xiaogan granulated sugar: Xiaogan granulated sugar is made of refined glutinous rice, high-quality sesame and soft white sugar, with osmanthus, golden orange cake, etc. through 12 technological processes and 32 links. Xiaogan marshmallow looks like a comb, white as frost, fragrant, sweet and delicious, with unique flavor, rich nutrition, containing protein, glucose and a variety of vitamins, with the functions of warming the lung, nourishing the stomach, nourishing the liver, nourishing the kidney, etc.

3. Wuchangyu: a kind of bream, also known as blunt snout bream. The body is flat, tender and white, rich in protein and fat. Wuchang fish is produced in Hubei and Liangzi Lake in Wuchang county.

4. Cake baking with hemp: the cake is in the shape of rectangle slice, with white line and snow edge. Black hemp core is in black and white, forming a sharp contrast and showing its own characteristics. It not only has the characteristics of rice cake, such as fragrant, crisp and crisp, but also has the sweet and soluble flavor of cloud cake. Its strong sesame flavor and sweet osmanthus fragrance are immersed in the heart.

5. Hot dry noodles: it is one of the top ten noodles in China and one of the most famous snacks in Wuhan, Hubei Province. There are many ways. Oil, salt, sesame paste, salad oil, sesame oil, chives, garlic seeds, brine juice, raw soy sauce as auxiliary materials. Its color is yellow and oily, and its taste is delicious. Because of its high heat, it can also be used as a staple food, nutrition breakfast, and supplement the energy needed by the body.

6. Or some handicrafts related to the Yellow Crane Tower.

At present, the antique lacquerware produced by Jiangling arts and crafts factory has living utensils and various handicrafts. Among the handicrafts, huzuo bird, huzuo bird, Yuanyang bean, lying deer, galloping horse and so on, which are imitated from Chu cultural relics, are very popular with tourists at home and abroad, and are tourist souvenirs with artistic value. Turquoise stone carving is made of high-quality jade from Yunyang, Hubei Province.

The stone carving products are divided into two categories: ornaments and handicrafts. Handicrafts include various figures, birds and animals, flowers, etc. Every character works, strive to knife sharp, clear primary and secondary, lively and God shape. In this way, the ancient and modern figures are lifelike. In addition, turquoise itself is a kind of precious jade, and the value of turquoise figures is more valuable. Wuhan gongs Wuhan gongs are called "Han gongs" for short, together with fengluo, Jingluo and Suluo, they are also known as China's four famous gongs.

One of the characteristics of Wuhan gongs is its pure sound quality, bright pronunciation and easy to eat mallet. Second, the diameter of gongs is large. In recent years, the largest gongs exported to foreign countries have a diameter of 135 cm, making them the largest gongs in the world. Of course, Wuhan gongs factory also produces gongs of various specifications and sizes to meet the needs of troupes, orchestras and all aspects. Wuhan silk flower is exquisite in shape, natural in color and very lifelike in embroidery.

The traditional varieties of silk flowers in Wuhan include: elegant peony, plump and gorgeous rose, delicate and dripping rose, proud wintersweet, cliff chrysanthemum swaying in the wind, orchid and other famous traditional flowers and all kinds of wild flowers and grass. There are thousands of them, which can be described as hundreds of flowers in full bloom and wonderful work.