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When is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Wuda? Appointment process and visit guide of Cherry Blossom F

With the recent rise of temperature, the Moshan cherry trees planted on the East Lake of Wuhan are about to open, attracting many tourists to enjoy the cherry trees. It is said that cherry blossom is beautiful, beautiful for seven days, and the short viewing period makes many tourists regret. Due to the reasonable combination of early, middle and late varieties, the flowering period can reach nearly one month, which makes up for the short flowering period of cherry. So, when is the Cherry Blossom Festival? How can I book the tickets?

Cherry Blossom Festival of Wuda in 2019

Appointment time: March

Visit time: March April

Reservation limit: the number of visitors per working day is limited to 15000 and 30000 on weekends; only individual appointments are accepted, and no group appointments are accepted.

Appointment method: the public can make real name appointment by using name, mobile phone number, ID card number and other information through the Wuhan University portal or the official wechat online registration channel.

Guide to visit

1. Double verification system shall be implemented for admission. My ID card (officer's card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident pass, passport) is the only certificate for the public to accept examination and visit after appointment.

2. During the opening period of cherry blossom, the public is only allowed to enter the school from the main gate, the affiliated middle gate, the west gate, the tea port gate, the Wenlan gate or the east gate of the school, with the ID card (officer card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident pass, passport) after the first examination of the reservation information, and other entrances are all forbidden to pass.

3. The central area of the campus (including Kunpeng square, school history hall, Sakura Avenue, humanities hall, around the administrative building, and the '912' playground, etc.) is under closed management, and the public must enter the campus after the second verification of appointment information with ID card (officer card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resident pass, passport).

Appointment website:

Editor's note: you can follow [Wuhan local treasure]. Reply to [Cherry Blossom] to make an appointment