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Which cities in China are the warmest in winter? Ranking of China's top ten cold shelter cities

Every winter is like a year for many Northerners and some southerners who are not close to the south. Therefore, the outdoor temperature is too low, and it is difficult to go out in winter. Therefore, in recent years, more and more people choose to spend the winter in the warm southern island cities. So what are the warmest cities in winter in China? This article brings you a list of China's top ten cold shelter cities. Among them, the North Sea has not only pleasant climate and temperature, but also relaxed and happy environment and scenery.

Ranking of China's top ten cold shelter cities

1. Hainan

Hainan has a very low latitude, surrounded by the sea and located in the tropics. There is no severe cold in winter and no intense heat in summer. It is a good place for both winter and summer vacation. It is the place with the longest day in China and ranks first among the top ten cold cities in China.

2. Xishuangbanna

Xishuangbanna is located at the southernmost end of Yunnan Province in China. It belongs to the tropical humid area south of the Tropic of cancer. There is the only tropical rain forest nature reserve in China. The climate is humid and warm. The temperature difference between the coldest month and the hottest month is only 10 degrees every year.

3. North Sea

Beihai, located in the southern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has a subtropical marine climate. It is sunny all year round, warm in winter and cool in summer. The annual average temperature is 22.9 degrees, and the average temperature in winter can also reach 15 degrees. It is a very suitable city for winter in China.

4. Guangdong

The climate of Guangdong is a long winter without winter. In recent years, there is very little weather in Guangdong. The average temperature drops below 10 degrees. Every year, Cantonese can make complaints about Guangdong's failure to go to winter again on various social networks.

5. Kunming

Kunming has always been known as the spring city. It is famous for its four seasons like spring. It is located in the low latitude plateau, with high sky and light clouds, fresh air and no severe cold weather in winter. It is one of the top ten winter cities in China.

6. Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung's body temperature does not change throughout the year. In winter, except that it is cooler in the morning and evening, it can't feel the cold of winter. The minimum temperature in February can reach 18.6 degrees. Generally, the days when the high temperature is lower than 20 degrees in a year will not exceed 10 days. It is an excellent winter city.

7. Zhuhai

Zhuhai has a typical subtropical monsoon marine climate. The temperature is high, warm and humid all year round. Winter is a dry season with almost no rain. The average temperature in January, the coldest month of the year, can also reach 15 degrees. Zhuhai is one of the top ten cold shelters in China.

8. Guilin

Guilin has a mild climate, abundant rainfall and four distinct seasons, but the summer is long and the winter is short. The climate conditions are very superior. The average temperature in January is 15.6 degrees. You can not only feel the mild climate but also see the intoxicating beauty here.

9. Hong Kong

The temperature in Hong Kong is relatively high throughout the year and belongs to subtropical climate. In winter, it rarely falls below 5 degrees. Moreover, there are many high-rise buildings in Hong Kong, which are prone to heat island effect. You can also enjoy shopping here for the winter.

10. Tengchong

Tengchong is located at the border between China and Myanmar in the west of Yunnan Province. It has a tropical monsoon climate. It is sunny all year round and spring like all seasons. It is' one of the most suitable places for human habitation '. Tengchong's hot springs are also one of the best in China. It is a good choice to come here to take shelter from the cold and soak in hot springs in winter.