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Inventory of the most worthwhile cities in China. These three missed cities will definitely regret i

In recent years, tourism has become a more and more common phenomenon. Many people's dream is to travel around the world. Since you want to travel around the world, you might as well start at home! Do you know any cities worth visiting in China?

1. Qingdao ​&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;&# 8203;

First: Laoshan

Laoshan is a 5A scenic spot, located in the east of Qingdao, with the highest altitude of 1113m, clear sea and blue sky, fresh air and a sense of openness.

Second: trestle

The trestle is the symbol of Qingdao. Many foreigners want to see its beauty. It is full of historical traces and has witnessed the growth process of Qingdao step by step.

Third: Olympic Sailing Center

The full name of the Olympic Sailing Center is the most relaxing and pleasant place, with the sea breeze blowing. Moreover, the Olympic Sailing Center cancelled the ticket charging system in 2009, which is suitable for poor tourists. And there are many projects, such as cruise terminal, four seasons hotel and Belle Plaza.

2. Fangchenggang

First: Beihai Silver Beach

Beihai Yintan park is located in the middle of Beihai Yintan. Yintan Park was founded in 1990 and officially opened to the outside world in June 1991. It is 8km away from Beihai city. Silver beach stretches about 24 kilometers from east to west, with a beach width of 30-7000 meters and a total area of about 38 square kilometers. It is composed of high-grade fine, soft and snow-white quartz sand. The beach surface is flat and broad without reefs. It is characterized by its "flat beach, fine white sand, clean water temperature, soft waves and no sharks". Silver Beach Park has a beach area of 80000 square meters and a bathing beach area of 160000 square meters, which can accommodate more than 10000 people swimming at the same time. It was once praised as the first beach in the world by former president Yang Shangkun.

Second: strange stone beach

Located in front of dengjialing in Jiangshan Peninsula, strange stone beach is a sea erosion landform where waves wash rocks all year round. The stones are maroon, so it is also known as sea red cliff. The cliff of the strange stone beach stands high on the rock. Various strange shapes composed of rocks are lifelike, some like monsters, some like flowers and trees, his like battle array, and some like mazes. Among them, the most lifelike ones are 'penholder stone', 'golden turtle watching the sea', 'kangaroo watching the sea', 'crocodile diving', 'lion guarding the sea', and 'mushroom stone', all of which are vivid and fascinating. When the tide is high, you can also watch the spectacular scene of "riprap through the air, startling waves lapping on the shore and rolling up thousands of piles of snow".

3. Yunnan

First: Dali

Do you remember the little swallow crape myrtle in huanzhu gege that they are going to flee to Dali, Yunnan? At that time, I was longing and curious about what beautiful place Dali was. I didn't see the place where little swallows picked tea until the end of the third season. It turned out that it was Dali, Yunnan! Back to the point, Dali is not only a famous literature country, but also a romantic capital. There are ancient cities. There are many estimates here. Each scenic spot is full of ancient beauty.

Second: Lijiang

Lijiang has been the main traffic route of the Silk Road since ancient times, and it also represents the famous scenery of Yunnan. Moreover, Yunnan is the shooting scenic spot of many film and television dramas. People say that Yunnan has good scenery. Of course, you can't miss Lijiang. The people here are simple and kind. Many scenic spots in Lijiang are along the way, so renting a car is a good choice. And remember the saying 'go with the current when you enter the city and go against the current when you leave the city', I believe everyone can have a good play. And UV strong, dry, remember to drink plenty of water and sunscreen.

Third: Shuhe

Shuhe is also a popular place for making costume dramas. It is an important part of Lijiang ancient city listed as' World Cultural Heritage '. It has a strong flavor of antiquity and can experience the feeling of being an ancient person.