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How about the rise of house prices in Beihai this year? Why do many people like to buy houses in Bei

How about the rise of house prices in Beihai this year? Why do many people like to buy houses in Beihai Beihai is a coastal city located in Guangxin. It is located in a subtropical climate. The climate is relatively mild all year round. In recent years, Beihai has been favored by investors and house prices have been rising all the way. How about the rise of house prices in Beihai this year? Let's have a look

What is the trend of house prices in Beihai in 2019

1. Since the proposal of "destocking", Beihai real estate sales have reached a climax, and house prices have also soared. It is not a good thing that house prices rise too fast. From March to may last year, house prices in Beihai obviously overheated. In May, the prices of new commercial houses and second-hand houses increased by 3.2% and 2.3% respectively month on month.

2. The official response this year was very rapid. On May 19, Beihai issued the property market regulation measures: the second and more new commercial houses can be transferred only after they have been certified for two years; If the house purchase contract is cancelled for the record, it is not allowed to sell again until the existing house is available.

3. The impact of the new deal on the property market is immediate. Many people say that this phenomenon is accidental. Unexpectedly, Beihai has disappointed these people again! New house prices rose as high as 3.2% in May, but the rise in house prices has narrowed significantly since June. By September, house prices had risen by only 0.5%. The increase of second-hand housing prices also narrowed at the same time, and the increase of house prices shrank sharply from June. Only in September did it rise 0.3% month on month.

Why do many people like to buy houses in Beihai

1. Beihai's transportation is more convenient: Beihai vigorously develops urban transportation, including public transportation and expressways. The urban transportation extends in all directions. Beihai Fucheng airport, one of the three major airports in Guangxi, has direct access to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Changsha, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Haikou, Wuhan, Wenzhou, Jinan, Hangzhou and Guilin.

2. Beihai is a happy city: living in Beihai is capital happiness. There are a lot of convenience and benefit policies, which make people living in this city happier and happier. It also makes the 'migratory bird elderly' more suitable to travel and provide for the elderly in Beihai. In terms of medical policy, it realizes the direct settlement of medical treatment in different provinces, becoming the first prefecture level city in the autonomous region to realize the settlement of medical treatment in different provinces.

Due to the excellent climate and environment in the North Sea, many people will travel to the North Sea for the elderly. House prices in the North Sea will continue to rise next year.