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Where would you like to travel abroad in January? Recommended places for overseas travel in January

January is a good time to travel every year. You should know that January marks the beginning of the year. Unknowingly, the new year is coming. Have you decided where to travel? If you really don't know, you might as well go to these places.


Tromso is the northernmost city in Norway and the third largest city in the Arctic circle. December to January are eternal nights, so you can enjoy the beautiful Aurora at this time. Against the backdrop of the famous Arctic Cathedral, it is even more dreamy and mysterious.

In addition to the ordinary Aurora Group on the road, some will drive buses to take passengers to places without light hazards to wait for the aurora. In Tromso, it is particularly recommended to take a traditional steam boat to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Norwegian Gulf and the northern lights on board.

The best viewing time: September, October and March are the good periods, and it slows down from November to February

Lake Baikal

After entering Baikal Lake in January, it immediately became a world of blue ice. The crystal ice was suffused with blue-green light, with a trace of excitement and a trace of surprise.

Although at this time it does not have the freshness of rippling green waves and verdant vegetation in summer, nor the romance of gorgeous colors and falling leaves in autumn, just this touch of ice color is enough to make many people fall in love with it.

Some locals say that here, holding the blue ice and looking at each other for a minute, you will see the secret of Baikal Lake and call small monsters at the bottom of the blue lake; Here, you can run freely and look for the emerald blue in your heart.

Thai Jiami

In cold winter, if you want to find a warm place to daze, then Jiami is a good choice~

In Jiami, there are too many attractive scenery, such as white and soft yarn, warm and clear water, tropical islands as beautiful as heaven, vast sandy beaches with swaying palm trees, wild and primitive waterfall forests and mountain caves, national parks full of ecological conservation, and a lively town market at night & hellip;

It is not as lively as Phuket. A recliner, a meal and even a cup of coffee are the most harmonious choice.

Bern, Switzerland

Known as the most popular European city in winter, Bern is more relaxing than the capitals of most countries. There are not many noisy and towering skyscrapers here, only more leisurely meandering rivers and medieval urban landscape. In this ski resort, you can rely on the flying snow to render the atmosphere of Bern's winter fairyland. This compact city has sufficient space to shape in the snow.

In the snow, Bern's new Renaissance buildings, flashing Festival lights and beautiful antique arcades, and the surrounding clear Arne River are more quiet in a piece of white. From the antator bridge across the ale River, the ancient stone slabs on the bridge deck reflect the warm winter sun under the cover of snow.


Enjoy Yangon in summer and enjoy the ultimate beauty

Don't like the cold and don't feel much about the island? It doesn't matter. You have another choice, that is, go to Australia to find another warmth.

October to April is the best travel time along the southeast coast of Australia. Because it is located in the southern hemisphere, October to April is the second half of Australia. At this time, there is the most abundant sunshine in Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

You can feel the summer time on the beautiful coastal highway, or go to Tasmania, the only island in Australia, and enjoy the ultimate beauty at the end of the world.