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Where is Beihai Silver Beach cheap and good to live? These four hotels are good!

It can be said that Beihai silver beach is also very famous in China. It has been particularly popular in the past two years. Beihai silver beach has become one of the must punch in scenic spots for Beihai tourism. Many people travel to Beihai silver beach every year. So, where is it cheap and good to live in Beihai silver beach?

Beihai Haichao Youth Hostel

Haichao CYTS is a Mediterranean style villa rebuilt from an old house. The red appearance is very beautiful. The location is very convenient. It's only five minutes to the beach. The boss and his wife are super nice. They can pick up and drop off the wharf for free. Beds and standard rooms are very affordable and cost-effective!

Price: from RMB 94 per standard room

Beihai Silver Beach five star hotel

This is a small and beautiful resort hotel. The appearance is blue and white ocean style, and the room is also fresh vacation style. The location is superior. It is only 100 meters away from the west gate of the beach park. You can walk 2 minutes to the silver beach. It is particularly convenient to play.

Price: from 96 yuan

Beihai Jinling Villa

Located in Haitai villa area, the environment is very good, surrounded by green trees, only a few steps away from the west gate of the beach park. The villa is equipped with chess and card room, tea room, barbecue and other facilities, which adds many choices to the entertainment life at night, and the overall cost performance is very high.

Price: from 96 yuan

Beihai Haiyi International Youth Hostel

Go out and turn left is Qiaogang beach, close to silver beach, so it's also very close to silver beach on foot. Not far from going out and turning right is Qiaogang style street. There are many sugar shops and snacks. It is very convenient to eat and go shopping. The accommodation conditions are also good. The standard room is spacious and tidy. It will be more comfortable than ordinary CYTS.

Price: from 294 yuan