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Where is the best place to play in China in December? Summary of places worth visiting in December

It can be said that every winter is relatively cold. December is not the peak tourist season. The ticket prices of many scenic spots will be adjusted downward. There will not be so many tourists. More importantly, winter has unique scenery and charm! Look at the snow in the north and the sea in the south. These places in China are worth recommending in December.

Go see the snow

1. Bashang -- the forest sea and snow field described by the painter

On the dam in December, it was a vast expanse of white. All sounds are quiet and slightly bleak, but countless photography lovers are ready to come here and shoot blockbusters.

On the dam in winter, there is a freehand ink painting: mottled shadows of trees and footprints of horseshoes. On the blank snow field, it is as beautiful as a fairy tale world.

2. Yakeshi -- few people come

Yakeshi, there are not only the boundless forest of Daxinganling, but also the grassland pride of Hulunbuir.

Yakeshi in December is already in the depths of winter. Here, the snow covers the grassland and the frost presses the forest sea. At this time, if you take a sled pulled by a camel, you will be pulled into a place called 'fairy tale'.

Coordinate: Yakeshi City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Transportation: you can take the train to Yakeshi railway station, which is also very beautiful; The nearest airport is Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport

3. Jilin wooden house village -- the last wooden house village at the foot of Changbai Mountain

Jinjiang wooden house village, the last primitive wooden house village in Changbai Mountain: wooden walls, wooden tiles and wooden chimneys. There are no bricks and tiles in more than 30 houses in the whole village... The beautiful scenery of the village without losing snow is known as the 'last forest tribe in Changbai Mountain'.

From December to the next year, there is snow everywhere. There are 17 tourist attractions around Muwu village, such as' Tianchi of Changbai Mountain ',' Jinjiang Grand Canyon ',' ladder river of Changbai Mountain ',' Jinjiang drifting of Changbai Mountain 'and' Changbai Mountain hunting ground '.

Coordinate: 2.5km south of MANJIANG Town, Fusong County, Jilin Province

4. Kanas -- the holy land of snow and sea in winter

The busiest time in Kanas is autumn, which is known as the most beautiful in the country. However, after autumn, few tourists come here. They are familiar with the winter here. It is the most snow holy land worth seeing.

On the winter day of December, the village surrounded by white mountains and forests is as quiet as a fairyland. The curl of cooking smoke rises from the chimney, and the viewer's heart immediately seems to be cured.

Address: located in the north of burjin County, Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang, China

5. Dagu glacier in Sichuan -- climb the world's highest cafe, watch the snow and drink coffee!

Dagu glacier is the lowest and largest glacier in the world.

The glacier here makes you dream back to the ice age in a second; The colorful forest here can be called the most in Asia and amazes your eyes; Haizi here reflects the colorful forest of glaciers, which is very beautiful.

After taking the cable car to the top, sit in the cafe at an altitude of 4840 meters, drink coffee and have a panoramic view of the continuous icebergs.

Standing on the viewing platform, you can see the Bizhu Dongcuo Sun Moon sea embedded in icebergs, and you can also see that the flying snowflakes are clear hexagon.

Coordinates: in Heishui County, Sichuan Province, about 10km away from Heishui county.

6. Swan spring in Xinjiang -- a fairy tale world built by Swan snow scenery

If there is a fairy tale world in the world, goose spring must be on the list that day.

The tranquil lake is filled with smoke like water mist, the small trees and reed flowers on the Bank of the lake are hung with frost, and swans fly or swim in the lake & hellip;

The sun shines on the lake, and the wonder of golden and blue is even more shocking & hellip; Such a dream scene can only be seen when you come to Swan spring.

Coordinates: yingtamu Township, Yining County, North Bank of Yili River, Xinjiang

Transportation: you can fly to Yining airport and then transfer to Yining County. A list of places suitable for hot springs in China in December

Go to the hot spring

7. Hailuogou -- the ultimate enjoyment of ice and fire

When winter comes, Hailuogou is covered with snow, icebergs and lush trees shine, and exotic flowers and plants are hazy in the white fog.

Hailuogou hot spring is close to the glacier and enjoys the double sky of ice and fire. The boiling hot spring raises rolling steam to drive away fatigue and cold.

Address: Southeast of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province

8. Genhe river -- no ice at minus 58 ℃

The Root River in Hulunbuir is said to be the place where immortals live, because although it is cold and everything is white, the lake water still flows. Even if it is minus 58 ℃, the water will not freeze.

It turns out that all this is because there is a lot of geothermal energy on the surface of Genhe wetland. Even in cold winter, it will not freeze, but also grow a lot of water and grass, which is beautiful.

Address: Genhe City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

9. Tibet -- winter Tibet is the real Tibet

Some people say that Tibet in July and August belongs to tourists, and Tibet in winter is the real Tibet.

Moreover, in Tibet this winter, all scenic spots above grade 3a are free of tickets.

You can feel the warmth and sanctity in the sunshine city of Lhasa, and you can go to Yangbajing to experience the comfort of soaking in the hot spring at the 'roof of the world' at an altitude of 4000 meters & hellip;

You can also go to Linzhi to see the snow covered small Jiangnan in winter, and you can also go to see the holy mountain and lake. They all incarnate the most holy appearance in winter.

If you are also excited, why don't you pick a time, buy a ticket and start towards Lhasa~

Transportation: Lhasa has Gongga International Airport, but if you are afraid of altitude sickness, it is recommended not to take a plane, preferably by train or car. Where is the waterfall in December?

Go see the ice waterfall

10. South Taihang -- beautiful in silver and plain

A heavy snow in winter wrapped the whole Taihang Mountain tightly. On the top of Taihang Mountain, there were clouds and fog in the gullies. The rugged roads were just quiet without tourists.

If you are lucky to come here in winter, you can also encounter the ice waterfall like a 'Christmas tree'. In addition to watching the beautiful scenery of the ice waterfall, brave outdoor enthusiasts might as well have an exciting ice climbing.

Address: Huixian County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

11. Guan'e Valley -- waterfall turns into ice waterfall

In December, in Longnan, the scenic spot after snow, the waterfall flowing down in the past has become a spectacular 'ice waterfall', and the branches are wrapped with thick ice and snow. These ice waterfalls hang on mountains, cliffs and valleys.

Stroll around the scenic area, wrapped in silver, powder and jade.

Coordinates: in the suburb of Dangchang County, Longnan City, Gansu Province, national highway 212 passes through Goukou.

12. Huya Grand Canyon -- the largest world-class ice waterfall group in Asia

220 kilometers away from Jiuzhaigou, this is a little-known place. There are the largest world-class ice waterfalls in Asia. In the middle of winter, all kinds of icicles, ice curtains and ice waterfalls of ghost axe Tiangong are natural art ice sculptures.

Huya Grand Canyon has steep mountains and waterfalls flowing down vertically. Every winter, many lovers go here to climb the cliff and feel the pleasure of challenging the limit.

Coordinates: how to play in the south in December in Xuebaoding National Nature Reserve, huyazang Township, Pingwu County, Mianyang, Sichuan? Limitless Cherry Valley is just one of them

Have been to warm winter

13. Panzhihua -- the only city named after flowers

As the only sunshine Flower City in China, even in the coldest January of each year, the daily average temperature is above 13 ℃, not to mention that the flowers bloom invincibly all the year round. It is known as the prosperity of flowers in spring all the year round.

Panzhihua has the "six degrees" endowment of altitude, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, excellent yield and harmony that are particularly suitable for human settlement. With an average annual temperature of 20.3 degrees, it is known as the health resort of sunshine flower city.

Coordinates: Southwest Sichuan and the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan.

14. Boundless Cherry Valley -- the earliest spring flowers

At the beginning of December every year, when the autumn in the south is getting deeper and the winter in the north is getting thicker, the Wuliang Mountain in Nanjian County, Dali is full of spring. Pink winter cherry blossoms bloom in a thousand mu tea garden.

The pink cherry blossoms are clustered in brocade clusters, and you can't feel the bleak smell of winter at all. Simple farm house, dark green tea garden, leisure and good time.

Address: Wuliangshan Town, Nanjian Yi Autonomous County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture (51km away from Nanjian County)

The best viewing time: from late November to mid December every year, and the flowering period is early December

15. Qionghai -- a comfortable seaside town

This comfortable seaside town is located in the corner of Qiongdong. Here is the only Lianluo community town in Hainan and the unique Lianluo rain tree arcade street.

In December, there are not only blue sea and blue sky, jade belt beach recorded in Guinness, but also colorful Nanyang buildings with strong Li and Miao customs, but it has always been very low-key.

Coordinates: East of Hainan Island

16. Debao red maple -- the unique dwarf maple leaf in China

It is the largest red maple forest belt in China! December is the most beautiful. It goes straight to January of the next year. It is suitable for sightseeing here. The 100000 Mu red maple forest in Debao is popular all over the mountains and burns by the lake, winning the reputation of "Debao red maple race Jiuzhai".

Debao is a fairy tale red leaf forest viewing place. Red maple has many kinds, long cycle, rich colors, high taste and large area.

In addition to the red maple, what's more interesting is that there is a world-famous Ma Debao pony. Its maximum body is no more than 95 cm, and the shortest is only about 60 cm. It is extremely precious and rare. It is known as the 'Panda in the horse'!

Coordinates: Debao County, Baise City, Guangxi Province, 3.5km east of the city.

Transportation: take the high-speed train to Baise station, take the bus to Baise bus station, and take the bus to Debao county.