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What are the delicious local cuisines in Beihai

Friends who come to Beihai for tourism must take time to taste the local specialties of Beihai. The seafood here is particularly famous. It is said that Beihai locals will not eat seafood anywhere else, because they are kept by the fresh seafood of Beihai and can't eat anywhere else! Dare you try?

Beihai cuisine is mainly seafood. It has become a consensus to eat seafood in Beihai. You must not miss the fresh wrasse urine shrimp, North sea shrimp, scalded sand insects and other special delicacies. Local delicacies such as beef brisket powder are also worth tasting. Special food is mainly concentrated in Yintan, Laojie, Nanwan and Waisha.

1. North sea shrimp

It belongs to Crustacea and prawn family. The shrimp in the North Sea area are very famous. The shrimp meat is delicious. You can taste it in local seafood stalls and restaurants.

2. Shrimp cake

As a popular 'advanced' pastry, shrimp cake has a history of nearly 200 years. The color is golden, crisp outside and soft inside, fragrant and delicious. Aunt Li's shrimp cake shop is famous for its shrimp cakes.

3. Wrasse urine shrimp

Also known as' skin shrimp ',' crawling shrimp 'and' bullet shrimp ', this kind of shrimp lurks in the mud on the seabed during the day and comes out to look for food on the beach at night. On the mud beach where it crawls, it will leave traces like tail fan rake, so it is also called' shrimp rake '. The wrasse shrimp tastes delicious.

There are many aspects to the good of Beihai in Guangxi. The climate type of Beihai is subtropical climate. Compared with most parts of the country, it is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In addition, the content of negative ions in the air of Beihai is 50 to 100 times higher than that of mainland cities, making it comfortable and fresh in four seasons, just like a natural oxygen bar!

If you need to recuperate and provide for the aged, of course, the natural oxygen bar is more suitable than the busy city. Friends who really need it, welcome to Beihai!